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Best Parenting Tips: How To Raise Kids Who Are Helpers?

Are you looking for the best parenting tips to raise your kids who help others? Is it true that kids who help others because they are genuinely kind people and want to help? Follow me, here are 8 ways to help teach children to be helpers.

The importance of knowing parenting tips to raise kids who are helpers

There are so many parenting tips that will support parents in bringing their children up. And besides raising kid a positive child, parents should not forget to raise kids who are helpers! And keep in mind that it would be the best when you do it with positive parenting!

Parents should know that one of the simplest ways to teach kids to be kind is to encourage them to be helpers. Children should become the people who see others struggling and take action.

parenting tips to raise kids who are helpers

For our kids, this can bring an infinite amount of peacefulness, joy and pride to know they can change that one person’s day for the better. Those are exactly the kind of the people we need more of to make the world a better place. Let’s discover the best parenting tips on raising your kids to become helpers.

Best parenting tips to raise kids who are helpers

Model being a helper

One of the most effective parenting tips for parents to follow is to model as a helper. When I helped other people when going with my daughter, she saw me do it. I told her I did it since other people are having a hard time and I can make it easier for them.

I am trying to show my children how simple it is to make someone else’s day a little bit easier with my help.

Expect them to help

In our family, we expect our children to help. I often tell my kids “In my family, we all help.” This is an extremely useful statement as we pull into our driveway with a car full of groceries. Our kids don’t run inside. They help us unload the car. The youngest can carry in a box of cereal, while older kids carry in bags. After that, they also help unload and put food away.

Ask them to help siblings

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To effectively build positive sibling relationships, parents should apply these parenting tips: asking kids to help their siblings with different tasks. When your kids spend time helping each other, they feel more connected with each other’s chores.

Praise helper behavior when you see it

When my kids are helpful without my requirement, I praise it loud and clear for all to hear: “Great! You are a helper! Thank you for such a big help!”

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This would be one of the most wonderful parenting tips as it lets our kids associate good feelings with their helpful actions and choices they made. All the best things will intrinsically motivate them to continue these valued behaviors in the future.

Remind them to ask if they can help others

The truth is that not everyone wants help or is in a place where they can accept help. And that’s normal.

That’s why, if I see someone struggling or who may be better from a help, it’s important to ask them “May I help you?”

Since sometimes, the wrong kind of help, no matter how good your intentions are, is not helpful at all. I mean here getting someone’s consent before jumping to help them is a common courtesy.

Assign chores

This is one of the very basic parenting tips that parents should follow. At a very young age, we can assign chores in our house and it doesn’t come with an allowance or any kind of we pay.

Basically, our kids do household chores as they live in our home. There are a lot of reasons why kids need chores. And one of them is they need to practice helping without complaining. They should do things around a home that need to be done.

After that, when they are at their friend’s house, they know how to clear a table and help with the dishes. Besides, our kids can take in the neighbor’s trash cans since they bring in our trash cans. They will also know how to feed a friend’s pet when they are out of town as they can feed our pet so well.

Volunteer as a family

It can be tricky for us to find volunteer opportunities for young children. However, kids can pick out canned items to drop off at the local food bank as well as pick out school supplies to donate to kids who need them.

You can also raise kids who are helpers by letting them gather old books they no longer read and then donate them. Your children can help shop for a child on holiday “Angle Tree” by picking out holiday gifts kids might like.

Sign older kids up for a volunteer job

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Older kids can benefit greatly for many reasons when they have a volunteer “job”. With these activities, your kids are learning how to hold a real job. They learn how to be helpers in the community at large when we are not standing over them, walking them through it, telling them how to help.

Simple ways kids can become helpers

  • Pick something up when they see someone dropped it
  • Clean up spills even when they didn’t cause the spill
  • Feed a pet of refill their water
  • Put clean clothes away so there are no piled up laundry in communal spaces
  • Read a book to a younger sibling
  • Help their younger siblings with putting on coats and shoes when leaving the house
  • Pick up trash on the ground
  • Open the door for the people coming in or out of a store
  • Offer to share school supplies with their classmates when they need
  • Turn in lost items if they find them
  • Get a tissue for someone who is hurt
  • Offer to push a younger kid on the swings
  • Water plants for parents or neighbors
  • Help mom cook or bake

Believe me! These parenting tips will surely be helpful. Encouraging our kids to be helpers when they are small can raise them to be adults who offer help to others! It’s time to let our kids know they can make a difference for the people around them!

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