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What Are Proper Ways To Raise A Child

It seems like a tough challenge for a couple in the transition from partners to parents due to the massive responsibilities they have to carry when having a child. Especially in this complex world, basic needs are not enough for a kid. Children need support from their parents both physically and emotionally that allows them to grow up properly.

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To make this challenge less difficult, we are here to provide parents with some useful advice

Stop Yelling 

Yes, kids sometimes can be so annoying and not obedient, but yelling at them does not help. Maybe in some cases, it shows an instant result where your kids will do whatever you say after being yelled at and you think that it might work all the time.

stop yelling

But it doesn’t! Gradually it becomes a habit that makes you out of control and you will tend to scold your kids at any time they do something wrong.

Chances are that your kids wake up every day in fear of being rebuked so that they are inclined to build themselves a reserved and timid character or a worse consequence is that they will be too familiar with all the yelling and become more hard-headed, giving an indifferent behavior to their parents.

If you want to have a good child, first you need to be a calmer mother. Stop yelling and try to be more patient, treat your kids with both soft and stern manners in certain situations.

Develop Healthy Routines For Your Children

It is essential to teach kids about disciplines at an early age such as brushing their teeth twice a day, eating their meals or going to bed on time. Such basic activities in a day allow children to develop their organization skills as well as learning healthy habits. 

mom and children at home

Working on a schedule for a kid to follow everyday with regular activities can be easy but convincing your children to follow rules is a long-term effort.

The key here is that do not make them feel like they are forced to do it, just take baby steps by doing each activity with your kids, guiding them how to complete each task in the right way then little by little, encouraging them to do all things on their own. 

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This is advisable with children under 7 years old in order that they are able to stay clean and tidy through basic day-to-day habits. With children older than 7, parents should let them be independent by asking them to come up with what activities they want to do in a day and help them schedule those ones with a suitable timeline.

mom and kids

It is better if parents, instead of controlling their children by making them follow rigid principles of what they have to do in a day, allow kids to show their interest and decide what they love to do.

Make Time For Your Children

We all know that in this busy world parents barely have time for their kids, but being parents mean that you have to sacrifice. Have at least a meal with your children a day and listen to their stories, ask them how their day went and make sure that they will come to you for advice if they are in trouble. That’s what parents are for and kids won’t settle for less.

mom makes time for children

Remember that small thing’s matter and if you do not give enough care for your children even when they have grown up, your children might have to face abandonment issues or being disrespected.

Teach Them About Responsibility

Kids always want to be adults as soon as possible because they feel that adults can make their own decisions or do whatever they like without being controlled by parents or any other people.

But being adult is not just about freedom, it’s all about responsibility and taking consequences of your actions. And these things are what children need to be aware of.

mom teach kid responsibility

Let your kids be involved in activities they are interested in and show them how to take care of it. Once kids do something wrong, they should learn how to fix it.

The most obvious example is that when your kids spill their milk on the floor, they are responsible to clean up the mess. Of course, the first time should be instructed by parents so that kids understand what is cleaning up and the way to do it right.

mom teach kid responsibility 2

In another case, when your kids get into a fight and hurt other kids, it is important to explain to them that action is wrong and the only way to correct it is to apologize sincerely.

Make sure that you help your children build up good manners by letting them learn from their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions.

Reward Your Kids For Their Nice Behaviour

mom Reward Your Kids

Offering rewards is the most effective way to encourage your children to do good things. Material gifts are not necessary in all situations, sometimes a praise can make your children proud of what they did and they will learn that nice gestures can create happiness


No one says that being parents is easy. It is a long difficult road but it will be less challenging thanks to the unconditional love, care and understanding from fathers and mothers. We can always learn to be better, raise them to be a positive child, and give our children the best things they deserve

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