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How To Raise A Humble Child? (Part 2)

Many parents can wonder if a child may appreciate modesty. Simply put, modesty is the power from which you look at others. It doesn’t have to think yourself less, just less about yourself. From part 1, we have a few basic approaches to teach modesty to children. In this part, we will discuss more about the most wonderful characteristics for a kid nowadays: Humble!

4. Connect To Opportunities In The Community To Serve Others

Serving gives your kid a stronger sense of caring for someone else. To raise a better leader implies serving others. It will seem daunting to them and you to find opportunities to serve your child and to interact with the world.

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Start small! Doing a church service project is an ideal starting point. Many kids join Scouting and boys that can give them fantastic places, to begin with. Rescue missions, homeless shelters, daycare centers, schools, grocery stores are more places to help.

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One of the best ways to teach parents friendliness and modesty is to give them time to another, not for money or rewards, but because that is “who we are as a family.” We regularly raise money for charities, but we still give time to help and encourage others. When we work, we feel confident about the impact we have and how we have chosen to spend our time

5. Parents Model Humility

That sounds simple, sure. Yet parents can’t show children successfully how to be humble without modeling their modesty. When parents teach by personal example, children will learn more. It must also be modeled as a lifestyle instead of as an example on and off.

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Kids seem to remember it all. They will take care if you lose your traffic temper, handle others poorly or use your influential influence to produce your favorite performance. They even observe when you open a door to an old lady, honor others, talk to others politely.

Therefore you will want to be conscious of your actions, as parents. Humility starts at home with the parents.

6. Set A Zero-tolerance Policy Toward Disrespectful Attitudes And Talk. 

The use of rudeness or profane words should not be allowed for children. Guide them at an early age to talk and act politely. Please make clear to your children that your complaints or objects will be heard and addressed, provided they are expressed respectfully.

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When children correct their tone and display constructive discussion of differences, their intelligence and character are demonstrated. Let them know that you notice their improvement in character and that through the differences you are proud of their way of doing so.

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If your children appear to be rude, enforce age-appropriate and clear punishments. Only because your children pressed your buttons, do not punish yourself out of anger. Out of love discipline since you want their character to be formed.

7. Instill A Teachable Spirit

Our children must be able to study. A modest man understands that he can still improve regardless of how much he thinks he knows. Be confident every time you teach your children.

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When your children come to see you as optimistic and supportive, they will hear your guidance more often. We weaken their confidence if we demand too much of them. Low self-confidence is not the same as modesty!

Finally, it is important to model a teachable spirit like in many instances of parental care. Let your children see you seek assistance reading, listening, or finding advice from others. Our children watch every step that we make.

They tend to deny what we are saying if they sense hypocrisy. Our kids will be what we are — so we must begin to be what we want them to be.


When it comes to humility, you should think rather than instilling. It’s always best to “go with your gut” when showing your children modesty. That doesn’t mean you can’t take into account the advice of family and friends who generally are more than prepared to give it. You know best about your kids, right?

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