how to handle a lazy child
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How To Handle A Lazy Child With Positive Parenting?

Are you stuck on determining how to handle a lazy child? Don’t worry! There are some simple methods you can do today to reverse this behavior. Just keep in mind these effective tips to handle a lazy child and you can easily do it.

Why are kids so lazy?

Admit it, ladies! Our kids sometimes get lazy, especially if we allow a lot of screen time during the day and forget to encourage them to help us out around the home. Laziness is becoming one of the most serious problems among our children these days.

how to handle a lazy child

There are some reasons why your child may be lazy. Don’t ignore it, let’s face it. Almost all of us struggle with getting motivated at one point or another. Of course, kids are in the same situation.

You might simply think your children are just being lazy. However, there are underlying issues that are the causes of their laziness. And a good piece of news is that you can nip all those issues in the bud when you pay close attention and try to figure out the problem.

How to handle a lazy child effectively?

When you see your children acting lazy, don’t punish them immediately. You can absolutely handle the situation with your encouragement with positive words to get out of the funk. At those times, there are some extra tips for you as a parent to consider when trying to learn how to handle a lazy child.

how to handle a lazy child

Provide challenge

When you encourage your child to get up and complete required tasks, you shouldn’t make the tasks too easy or do it for them. This enables your child to understand the value of hard work.

You can also eliminate the overwhelm of the task by encouraging them to look at the situation in a new light, for example, you may talk about how the tasks are done in bite size pieces.

You are an example

Modeling for your children is extremely important. Just keep in mind that your child watches you and follows your behavior and action. If you want to raise kids who are not so lazy, it means you need show them how to not be lazy by not being lazy yourself.

how to handle a lazy child

However, don’t forget to give yourself some grace. As we all know, parenting is difficult and there are times to be lazy as well as times to work hard. Try to balance those out and there would be no issue.

Set expectations

You need to let your child know what you expect from them when there is any task they are going to do. For example, if you are asking your little girl to take the garbage to the curb, tell them that you expect the garbage to be out by 9 pm and the gate to the yard to be closed with the latch before she comes back into the house.

Through this way, your child can be aware that they don’t just need to take the bin to the curb, they also need to close the gate properly before going into the house. Some of you guys may find it unnecessary to remind. However, it’s harder for children to remember things like adults do. Your kids do need that extra information from you. That’s why don’t hesitate to show them your expectations.

how to handle a lazy child

Let you kids do daily activities around the house

I am pretty sure that as a parent you will be busy during the day looking after the house as well as making the meals and planning activities. Why don’t get your kids involved in all the things you do?

Breakfast time? No matter! Try to get your kids to make their own breakfast if they are old enough. Also, you can get them to be directly involved in assisting you to set their breakfast out for them.

how to handle a lazy child

There is no reason your two or three-year-old cannot grab a bowl and a spoon for you during the time you reach for the cereal and milk. The same goes for scrambled eggs and your tween, you can encourage them to beat the eggs in a bowl while you are heating up the pan. Preparing a daily schedule for kids is also important.

There are several ways you can involve your kids in the daily tasks that you do around the home. Some parents often think that it may be easier to do it yourself while the kids watch TV. However, it will not be effective if you try to raise kids who are motivated and hard-working.

How to handle a lazy child – tip to motivate your lazy child

Stop arguing or fighting with your child about motivation

When your child has trouble completing a task, for example cleaning their room, fighting and arguing about it will surely make things worse. When you get your kid out of bed in the morning and you fight about it, you will probably fight about brushing teeth, getting dressed, and eating breakfast too.

how to handle a lazy child

At those times, we need positive parenting. Keep in mind that arguing with your child about motivation is a breeding ground for power struggles. Try to avoid the power struggle and do this instead: stay calm, be clear with expectations and let natural consequences occur if needed. If you are wondering how to handle a lazy child with positive parenting, that’s it!

Staying calm & being clear

To find how to handle a lazy child, it’s important that you are clear about your expectations. For example, when you want your child to get off the couch and put their laundry into the washing machine, you should say: “ I need you to put your laundry into the washing machine so that it can be washed and dried in time for school tomorrow morning.”

If your child refuses to put their the laundry into the washer, then the natural result will be the lack of clean clothes for their school in the morning.

Provide effective consequences

Giving consequences that are not “reactive” can move your child to follow through with the task you are presenting. Parents should avoid negative punishment when setting consequences as this may work against you instead of for you in your parenting journey.


Normally, parenting and patience go hand in hand. To know how to handle a lazy child so he/she becomes motivated, you need to have patience. You need to remain calm when talking to your kids. Though this might be one of the hardest things to face as parents, I believe you can do it.

Lazy Parenting and Lazy Kids

I guess that many of you misunderstand about the concept lazy parenting. In fact, a lazy parenting lifestyle will encourage kids to be bored and come up with their own ways of keeping themselves entertained.

Lazy parenting doesn’t mean uninvolved parenting. It allows your kid to develop independence by mindfully stepping back and allows your child to struggle for a moment before rescuing them. It’s all about letting your little ones discover how much they are capable of all on their own.

Parenting should keep in mind that lazy parenting lifestyle is not the cause of your kid’s laziness. It enables you to raise confident and independent kids.

I hope that what I’ve shared above is useful for any parent who is trying to search for how to handle a lazy child with positive parenting.

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