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What Can Moms Do For Fun?

There are so many things that moms should do to stay at home productively, for fun, and work at home to lead a healthy and happy life! I love to stay home with my kids, and while doing it, I love being self-employed.

It is difficult to get out of the house to try new things because of stay-at-home wives and homeschool moms. Because making our house a home, being there for our husbands, and raising our kids is very important, giving up (most) of our family’s social life is all right though.

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That doesn’t mean that we can’t have any of our hobbies or do things we enjoy. Doing what you love, you can also earn an extra income! I love to write and learn, so I’m attracted to those kinds of things that can be done at home.

However, without sacrificing time away from your husband & children, there are so many things that you can do from the comfort of your own home. If it’s 15 minutes or 1 hour, you should find time to do something you love in your day before the kids wake up, or while they are napping or otherwise busy.

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Whether you have a passion for cooking, teaching, coloring, reading, crafting, or something else, for just about anybody, there’s something here!

1. Go on a weekend getaway.

Go on a weekend getaway

You can accommodate a nice weekend getaway if your partnership is on the Rory-Lorelei side of the spectrum. Try a soothing spa kit, an urban museum-centric destination, or something like whitewater rafting or mountain biking a bit more outdoors. For a fleeting break, you can even book a special place to stay.

2. Thrift till you drop.

For many mothers, shopping therapy is a calming practice, so why not be a little more daring and visit the local thrift shops? They’re cheaper and full of rare, cyclable antique jewels

3. Join a hobby group.

Join a hobby group

Hang out with people who want to chat about things other than homeschooling and try a quilter’s guild or a knitting club. Bonus points if they aren’t just your age, and if this joint interest is one of the very few things you have in common, you will find it extra fun!

4. Take piano lessons.

Is your child having lessons? If you become a student too, maybe the teacher can give you a discount. Of course, even though your child doesn’t, you might take classes, or play a different instrument than your child, and you’ll be on the way to your little Family band.

5. Learn a new language

Free weekly ASL (sign language) lessons are provided by a church near us. To study Cherokee, I plan to sign up for a free online class!

6. Take a college class.

Take a college class

Try a lesson online. My kid is currently taking Berklee University’s Introduction to Guitar Class; he also has to film himself playing and submit it for a score! Many classes aren’t free, but this specific one is, so if you search, whatever it might be, you will find something that suits your budget.

7. Volunteer

Find a voluntary civic agency to partner with. Taking your children with you or go on your own; you’re going to feel happy about it either way and your children can see you make the time and effort to do so. I was serving food in the kitchen.

mom volunteer

Some moms I know have volunteered at a fertility crisis center as counselors; babysat children at a homeless shelter while moms were searching for a job; helped stock and manage food banks; and walked dogs at a shelter for community animals. All nice stuff! Check with your church; in your town, they will know of some much-needed opportunities for volunteers.

8. Take a craft class

For anything you can think of, from simple weaving to jewelry design, several stores like Jo-Ann Fabrics have classes for something craft-related. Don’t any of those suits your timetable? Try a class like Craftsy’s; you watch them as many times as you want, at your leisure. A few are free, too!

9. Sign up for dance class

Sign up for dance class

A lot of dance studios offer adult lessons, too, even though you’re an amateur. Take the dance lessons that you wish you should have taken when you were a little girl, or take a dance-flavored workout class called Zumba or Jazzercise. I swear, it’s a lot more fun than a treadmill!

10. Book Club

In the summer, many clubs meet at a member’s home or a nearby park once a month. Books are chosen in advance and spoken about by those who read them. There is usually plenty of food involved! And those who haven’t read the book are welcome to join.

Book Club

Mom likes to spend quality time with her children and bake some good food together, like us. Not only can it make for an enjoyable experience, but it also gives you the ability to show your children some of the basics of baking that can become useful later in life.

You should sit together and have a look at the infinite range of available recipes online. Cakes, biscuits, brownies, and a lot more could be baked. Until you’ve all decided what to bake, gather together all the ingredients and assign a job to your children.

For them, it is an excellent way to learn how to work as a team. You and your children will decorate the products together until the baking is finished.

11. Game Night

A perfect way to get the children together to share some quality time is to have a family game night. Grabbing a classic board game, such as Monopoly, out of the cupboard and playing once a week for a few hours would greatly deepen the relationship between you and your kids.

mom game night

There are so many different games from which you can also pick. You can still be confident of discovering something new and entertaining, whether it’s a board or card game.

12. Weekly Playgroup

 During the whole year, we meet every week. We rotate between local parks during the summer months. We meet at a nearby community facility during the winter so the children can run and play in a sort of gymnasium environment.

13. Play Dates

 If there is food involved, playdates seem to be smaller and appeal to a more casual community of moms and kids! On a day that is best for them, participants open up their homes to hold playdates.

Playdates should be tailored towards a common theme and should be available to all players. That can be potluck or brown bag breakfast/lunchtime play dates.

14. Moms Night Out

 One of the month’s most awaited nights! Once a month, moms only get together for an evening out. The events and locations vary, but everybody still has fun! Any examples of recent MNOs are a grown-up sleepover, a tour of Christmas limo lights, a game night, a party of my favorite things, and a night of the comedy club.

15. Fitness Days

mom fitness

 Get together to do a physical exercise and let the children have fun! A mom or a health professional will also lead a lesson. We got together to have the Fitness Marshall dance and sweat, and we recently took a jazzercise lesson!

16. Open Activities

These programs include field trips and excursions to parks, local institutions, and other children’s interests in the area. For starters, a beach day, zoo visits, ice cream, playing at local malls, going to the pumpkin patch, winter sledding, meeting at Jungle Java or a bounce house, visiting a nature center.


Everybody deserves a break from ordinary life requirements. And it’s no difference for mothers. Downtime is important. Don’t believe it to be self-indulgent, think of it as self-preservation. It will help you develop a fresh attitude and a refreshed sense of perspective by giving yourself permission to calm down and relax for a few moments a day, or a few hours per week.

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