parenting during pandemic
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5 Effective Tips For Parenting During Pandemic

The COVID-19 has upended family life worldwide. And in these challenging times, we deeply hope you and your family are healthy and safe!

For many of us, parenting during pandemic is such a big challenge. While parenting itself has always been tough, working remote, home schooling, physical distancing as well as all the financial uncertainty surrounding the pandemic has made it even tougher.

parenting during pandemic

During the hardest time of all over the world, it’s much more important to help children feel safe, keep healthy routines, and especially manage their emotions. These parenting tips during pandemic can help you cope.

The stresses facing parents during COVID-19

With many schools and workplaces closed due to the impact of COVID-19, many of us find ourselves dealing with a new and sometimes extremely stressful family situation.

Besides working from home and running the household, a lot of parents also need to keep your children on track with their virtual school working. Of course, parents do all while enduring the restrictions of social distancing and even being cut off from the support of loved ones.

parenting during pandemic

What’s worse, if you or your spouse lost your source of income, the financial pressure can add even more depression and stress. This makes your family life harder and harder.

As a parent at this time, you might feel that you are having so many roles to fulfill but can’t possibly perform any of them well. However, it’s vital to remind yourself that this is a global health emergency that none of us have ever had to face before. And more than ever, it is time parents pay more attention to your children!

5 tips for parenting during pandemic

Tip 1: Keeping healthy routines

The very first tip in parenting during pandemic is to keep our children healthy during pandemic. For example, maintaining regular mealtimes and bedtimes can also help our child feel safe and secure.

parenting during pandemic

Establish new healthy routines: When you try to readjust to a new normal, you may need to create new daily schedules for your children. Even when some things like your child’s bedtimes may change without school every day, parents should try to be consistent and follow the same schedule each day.

In addition, a tip for parenting during pandemic is that you should make time for other activities such as family dinners, exercise, household chores as well as time for your child to socialize with friends.

Tip 2: Help your kids with online classes

Normally, most parents feel stressed and overwhelmed when they face too much hardship at the same time during the pandemic. They can’t go to work. Schools close. They worry about money and many other factors.

parenting during pandemic

However, on the other hand, parent should also appreciate this time. School shutdown is a chance for you to make better relationships with your kids. One-on-one time is fun and free. Your companion makes children feel loved and secured. You are showing them that they are important.

COVID-19 has given many of us the role of a homeschool teacher. In addition to all the other responsibilities, you can find it hard to keep your kids on track or help them with assignments.

Now, keep in mind that this is also a very stressful time for your children. They might regress or act out in ways they have never done before. A tip for parenting during pandemic is that you should go easy on your kids these days. This can help reduce their stress levels as well as your own.

parenting during pandemic

Join forces with other parents: An effective tip for parenting during pandemic is that you can reach out safely via phone, email as well as other social media to connect with other parents. The activity lets you exchange tips for keeping your children focused and engaged. Meanwhile, collaborating with other parents also makes you feel less isolated.

Connect with your child’s teacher: Don’t hesitate to share with your child’s teacher about their studying status. Just remember that the teacher has a good understanding of your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. With your sharing, teachers can help you come up with a more individualized learning plan.

Create a learning routine for your child: A suitable routine is beneficial this time. It gives kids a sense of normalcy during an otherwise uncertain time. If some color-coded schedules are not your cup of tea, just create a general outline that you think reasonable. The outline is reasonable when you can maintain it on most days and it needs to leave room for flexibility as well as down-time.

Set goals – celebrate your child’s completion: a small but essential tip for parenting during pandemic is that you should set goals and celebrate your kid’s completion. Having something to look forward to may help children stay motivated. You can set up small rewards, for example watching an episode of a favorite TV show, which will surely help them overcome that unpleasant math assignment.

Tip 3: Keep it positive

Parents, you should not forget this in your parenting during pandemic: Keep it positive!

It is never easy to feel positive when our children are driving us crazy. Along with our stress due to the coronavirus outbreak, we usually end up saying “Stop doing that” when our child disappoints us. However, children, in general, are much more likely to do what we ask when we give them positive instructions.

Tell them the behavior you want to see: Now you can use positive words when asking your children to do anything. For example, instead of saying “Stop making a mess!”, say “Please arrange your clothes neatly”.

Don’t shout at your kids: Remember that you should always use positive parenting during pandemic. Shouting at your children is not good at all. It just makes both you and them more depressed, stressed, and angrier. Instead, you can get your child’s attention by using their name. Use a calm voice to speak to them.

Praise their good manner: Praise your child when they have done something well. The child may not show it, but they will keep doing that good thing again. This also reveals that you notice and care about them.

parenting during pandemic

Tip 4: Dealing with your child’s stress and fears

Please pay attention as our child may get scared after watching the news or overhearing an adult conversation relating to the pandemic. COVID-19 has changed their normal routine, friendships, schooling. It is important that parents address the child’s fear and reassures their physical and emotional well-being.

parenting during pandemic

Talk to your children about COVID-19: While young children may feel frightened about the pandemic, older kids are more likely to be annoyed by the restrictions COVID-19 brings. It’s important for parents to spend time with children and talk to them about the pandemic.

Answer their questions simply and honestly: honestly is the best policy if your kids have questions about the pandemic. As you don’t want to frighten your children, there is nothing wrong with talking to them about the need for taking safety precautions. The two important ones are social distancing and washing hands.

Explain why social distancing, as well as other rules, is super vital. Also, don’t forget to empathize with their frustrations. Effective parenting during pandemic is when we are empathetic about the things that our children have been forced to give up due to the pandemic.

Be understanding: Your children may be disappointed at not being able to see their friends or visit family members. Be receptive to this. Parents should explain that you understand their disappointment and you are also missing out on special occasions. This is a really important tip in parenting during pandemic.

Tip 5: Monitoring your child’s social media use

Parents should miss this in the journey of parenting during pandemic. At this social distancing and isolation time, many parents and also kids rely more on the Internet as well as other social media to keep in touch with family and friends. While this action brings many positive aspects, social media can also negatively affect your child’s level of stress, uncertainty, and anxiety.

parenting during pandemic

When you’re worried about your child’s social media use, you may try to limit their access to their phone or other devices. This tip for parenting during pandemic is essential as using social media is never highly recommended.

Parenting during pandemic is really tough. And remember, reach out to your pediatrician if you have any concerns about your child’s behavioral or emotional well-being and managing your family’s stress. 

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