how does an angry parent affect a child
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How Does An Angry Parent Affect A Child?

One of the ugliest emotions around us calls “anger”. For parent, anger has never been an exciting experience. The bad emotion happens as a paralyzing and debilitating condition. However, what’s worse and more terrifying is when you are taking your anger out on your lovely children! Do you know how does an angry parent affect a child?

Both verbal and physical abuse may leave lasting and lethal implications. That’s why, it’s vital that we, as a parent, need to do make every effort to get your anger in check.

How Does An Angry Parent Affect A Child?

how does an angry parent affect a child

Many parents are still angry with their child without knowing how does an angry parent affect a child. The research in When Anger Hurts Your Child has shown many effects of parents’ anger on their children. The following appeared to be true in many families.

  • Children of angry parent are more noncompliant and aggressive
  • Children of angry parents are usually less empathetic
  • Children of angry parents own poor overall adjustment
  • We find a strong relationship between parental anger and delinquency
  • The impacts of parents’ anger may continue to affect the adult children. The effects consist of the increasing degrees of depression, spouse abuse, social alienation and also economic achievement.

Why are parents angry with their child?

Today, it’s necessary that we should support parents who are suffering from chronic anger. Parents need to learn how to effectively deal with their anger, particularly their anger toward their kids. Besides knowing how does an angry parent affects a child, we should know the reason for their anger.

how does an angry parent affect a child

The leading cause of parents’ anger with their children is due to the kid’s failure to comply with parents’ expectations. Under those circumstances, parents should know the importance of learning about normal expectations for children at different ages and stages of growth and development.

Currently, you may find several parenting documents that provide age and stage development information. Helpful documents can help parents understand what to expect from their children. In addition, a well-understanding of your children’s temperament (the characteristics they are born with) is meaningful when you are trying to understand a child’s reaction to his/her parents.

How to stop being angry all the time?

Clear expectations make discipline easier

Since your child’s failure to meet your expectation is one of the main causes of your anger to him, parents should start to change from this point.

Do your kids know what is expected of them? Are your expectations fair and clear enough?

how does an angry parent affect a child

Parenting is never an easy task. It is tough, really. We’ve heard so many stories of stay-at-home mom depression on their journey to bring up their children. Sometimes, it might be very challenging to communicate anything with our kids.

Setting clear expectations for your kids regarding what’s acceptable behavior and what isn’t is important to successfully teaching your kids right from wrong.

Look for good points, don’t always look for the bad in your child 

Parents! Just be honest to help us answer this question! Are you always catching your children doing something wrong but usually ignoring what they are doing right? Do you begin to be angry with their mistakes?

I personally don’t recommend this way. Never forget that you can catch more flies with money instead of vinegar.

As parents, we should consistently praise our children for the positive traits they possess. If you pay more attention to your child’s good points, you will appreciate them more. Your lovely kids can be good at Math in school. They can also be good ones that help their little sister or brother. He/she can also be good at singing or drawing pictures.

Don’t hesitate to praise these good features as your kids will surely respond your attitude by acting appropriately and behaving more positively to gain more praise. Through this way, you can completely raise your child with positive parenting, instead of getting angry and making both your child and you hurt.

how does an angry parent affect a child

As a child, who doesn’t want to please their parents and make them proud? By encouraging positive behavior, parents are likely to discourage their behavior that has driven them in the past to punish the child too harshly.

And to encourage positive behavior that deserves praise, parents need to consider giving their kids a task they know they are able to accomplish. Don’t forget to follow them and praise their efforts along the way.

Take care of yourself first before you try to take care of others

Yes! Take care of yourself and it will be much easier for you to take care of your loved ones. Unlike angry moms, a calm mom usually equals calmer children. This means parents should do the necessary things to embrace a sense of inner peace.

There is a quote that’s really for me, and maybe for you too: “Anger doesn’t solve anything. It builds nothing but can destroy everything”. So, in hard times, take note of this quote and try to make things easier.

In the end, remember your child is just a child

Last but not least, keep in mind that they are just children. Surely, one day, your little ones will be adults but today, they are still in the stages of growing up and learning many things.

Are your children growing up with love, kindness, compassion and forgiveness or constant fighting, anger, and the feeling of resentment?

Do you feel connected to your child or not?

How does an angry parent affect a child? Parents should make every effort to ensure their discipline is suitable and take care of themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. That enables them to optimally support their child’s physical and emotional well-being.

You now can understand how does an angry parent affects a child and ways to solve this problem, right? Dealing with anger is a vital part to ensure a healthy and happy family. Besides less stress, your children can feel safer and get higher self-esteem. There will also be more time and energy for all of you to enjoy family life.

When I talk about the impact of anger on the development of our children, it is a worthy pursuit to learn how to cope with this emotion, limit it as we are trying our best to build healthier and emotionally safe environments in our homes. Let’s try and we will get happiness!

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