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Age-appropriate Chores: How to Help Children Be Responsible

One fascinating thing about household chores is that no matter how many you’ve done in a day, there will always be more to do. But be more comfortable. With age-appropriate chores for kids guidelines, you can easily do it! Moms now don’t have to do them all on their own. Ask your kids to help!

kids do chores

Why does your child need chores?

Preparing meals, washing the dishes, folding the laundry, and taking the garbage out are just some basic things parents have to do on a regular basis. You will find many other arising tasks which sometimes lead you to burn out or depression. You may feel tired too many times.

However, parents often find it easy to do everything for their kids. Will this be good for the little ones? Actually, you are not doing your children any favor when choosing not to give them some tasks to do.

Many studies indicate that children who were trained to help out around the house can become independent, responsible, and successful adults.

kids do household chores

The key to raise your kids is to start them as soon as possible. Yes! Even your three-year-old son can help you with simple tasks. Just believe that the simple habit of putting their toys away may instill your kids a sense of responsibility as well as a positive attitude towards labor that will surely benefit them in the future. In addition, with your guide, your child can become good helpers who bring many good things to others.

Age-appropriate chores for your kids

In modern life, many parents suppose that chores are vital in teaching their kids about the value of hard work and responsibility. While creating a chore chart may be easy, it’s such a difficult task to match the chores with the skill level and development of your children. Of course, nobody will ask a toddler to vacuum the floor.

Until now, one of the most effective ways to keep your child challenged and interested in household chores is to gradually increase the complexity and responsibility in each chore they are assigned to.

So, what chores can a 5-year-old do? How about an 8-year-old? When can your children learn to do their own laundry? You may use this list of age-appropriate chores as a guideline when you set up a chore chart for your children.

Usually, most parents use age-appropriate chores methods when asking their children to do household chores. However, remember that children are different. Age is not the unique factor for us to determine the right chore for our kids.

Besides age, parents should also think about the child’s physical ability, maturity level, and interest when choosing the right chores for them. For example, you can choose chores from the younger aged categories to build a suitable list for the older age groups.

Chores for ages 2-3 years old (Toddlers)

The very first in age-appropriate chores list is for toddlers. Toddlers may be a handful on most days. However, this makes it easy for us to convince them to help out.

Usually, the little ones love hanging around parents. They seem to be so excited any time being asked to do some “adult stuff.”

chores for toddlers

Parents need to keep in mind that your kids still see chores as play at this age. And while our kids cannot be as much of a help as we expect, the more important thing is that we are trying in the path to developing a healthy household habit.

Following the age-appropriate chores list I am sharing, parents can ask your toddler to do the following task:

  • Help you put books back on the shelves (low shelves only)
  • Help you pick up their toys with your supervision
  • Help you with making their bed
  • Help you put soiled clothes in the hamper

Chores for 4-5 years old children (preschoolers and kindergartners)

It’s possible that kids of 4 or 5 years old may begin to see chores as what they really are – labor.

However, children around these ages still love spending time with adults so we will find it easy to convince them to help us around the house. Now, parents can think of giving them some rewards to motivate them.

kids do household

Some age-appropriate chores for preschool kids may be:

  • Making their bed
  • Getting dressed for themselves with a little help
  • Feeding pets
  • Watering indoor plants
  • Picking up their toys
  • Bring their things in from the car to their house
  • Cleaning their rooms
  • Sorting the laundry into colors and whites

Chores for ages 6-11 years old (Elementary-School children)

Parents need to determine that by the time children reach their school-age, they may become less and less thrilled by the idea of doing household chores.

However, there is a good piece of new, this is also the time when our children start to develop their desire to become more independent.  That said, you now find the key to challenge them. Parents should give them more “mature” responsibilities and let them complete tasks with minimal supervision.

kids do household chores

Below are the age-appropriate chores for school-age children. Normally, kids will perform better when they can feel that you trust them.

  • Doing the dishes
  • Cleaning the floor
  • Folding the laundry
  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher
  • Taking out the garbage
  • Help parents prepare food
  • Get themselves dressed
  • Putting away their clean laundry

Chores for ages 9-12 years old (pre-adolescents)

At this stage of the children’s life, your kids typically desire autonomy. Parents need to know that this is the most ideal time to teach them about the value of finishing their chores correctly and also the possible consequences of putting in a mediocre effort.

Often, pre-adolescent children stubborn when it comes to completing their share of household chores. However, a little incentive every now will possibly get them to work.

kids watch over their siblings

When your kids reach this age, it’s important that they should be able to do most of the chores at home, consisting of:

  • Cleaning the toilet with supervision
  • Washing and drying clothes with supervision
  • Vacuuming floors and carpets
  • Be responsible for their bedroom
  • Watching over their younger siblings
  • Washing the car with your help
  • Making simple meals and snacks


Teenage years are so important as it’s your last shot at teaching your kids about the responsibility and preparing them for adulthood. Now, we still need an age-appropriate chores guide for them. Ideally, when the child reaches this age, he is more than capable of doing most chores around the house.

kids help cooking

Also, it might be the right time for parents to entrust to them the responsibility of supervising the chore chart and their younger siblings. You now can trust your teenagers to:

  • Watch younger siblings for short periods of time
  • Plan and prepare meals
  • Clean the kitchen 
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Mow the lawn with supervision
  • Organize and plan the chore-chart
  • Clean mirrors
  • Care for pets

The age-appropriate chores list is only meant to help you give an idea on what chores your kids can do at specific age brackets. However, being their parents, nobody will ever know your kids’ skills as well as their capacities more than you do.

Keep in mind that people mature at their own pace. Till the end, it’s you who decide which chores your child is capable of doing and completing. Also, don’t hesitate to praise your kids for their good behavior. As we all want to feel needed and valued, and the same is true with our lovely children.

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