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Mom Make Money At Home

Moms Make Money At Home: Marson Jar Lamp

Mason jars are the famous canned and stored containers. Invented by John Mason in Philadelphia in 1858, the jars combined with candle wax permitted the production of jams, pickles, and other products to be screened and sterilized reasonably easily.

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The industry now uses even fewer mason jars to seal goods with the advent of plastics. Rather these traditional, iconic containers are transformed by innovative workers around the world into works of art – get ready to join!

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Today, for anywhere in your yard, your patio, or even the interior we can transform mason jars into vibrant solar powered fairy lights. This formula – it’s art after all – has lots of variations, so feel spoilt for choice and change it as you seem best suited.

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For as long as I could remember… you will never know when they could come in handy right? I have collected mason jars for so far as I can remember. If you use it to paint, i.e. water pots for the messy paint boots, or for creating mood lighting with flickering candles!

It’s ideal for people who like to keep it simple. And the jars are quickly replaced so that you can’t have any concern anytime you want a little change in your mood!

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You may use this lamp as a bedside table lamp (use only a clear mason jar) and as a decorative lamp on a stand, or in your kitchen, it will have a bright ceiling for the middle of the room. Indeed its versatility makes it perfect for virtually every function of illumination!

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So I was hoping I might serve on my desk as an accent light. Surprisingly, no specific electrical expertise is needed here. If you can do it – you have it! You will light up your mason jars easily with a few main materials close at hand and a little elbow grease!

DIY Mason Jar Lamp Supplies

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  • Canning Jar (I used a 32-oz wide-mouth jar because that’s what size I have on my craft shelf right now, but a different size will yield a different look.)
  • Small Lamp Shade (and a bulb, of course)
  • Filling of Your Choice – it can be coffee beans, leaves, light, or you can paint it in any way you like
  • 1/2 Gallon Mason Jar
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Pen
  • Electric Drill
  • 1/4″ or 1/2″ Glass Drill Bit
  • Pocket Knife
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Make-A-Lamp Kit
  • Screw Driver
  • Lampshade
  • All-purpose Glue (Optional)

Step by step instructions for lamp construction:

Step 1: Wasi tape and paint

Place the painter’s tape on the back of the lantern, inside and outside the mason jar. Pick the location from which you want to get the cord out.

Step 2: Drilling Glass

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Drill a hole in the position you marked in phase 1 using an electric punch fitted with the glass pin. The key is not to place too much pressure on the work during the drilling process.

Step 3: Use new paint

When the hole is drilled, the painter’s ribbon is cut both on the inside and on the outside of the jar.

Step 4: Indoor acrylic paint

Paint with acrylic paint on the inside of the container to facilitate thorough drying.

Step 5: Lid hole

Using a pocket-knife to make your lamp-set roughly enough to fit into the threaded “nipple” at the middle of the cover.

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Step 6

Wire planning threads the wire end of the lamp cord through the hole drilled in step 2. Pull through the mouth of the jar.

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Step 7: How to bring the lamp equipment together

Assemble the hardware of the lamp as instructed by the manufacturer. Here’s a short retrospective:

• Push the threaded “nipple” through the bottom of the jar lid until the lid rests on the bolt. Secure with a ring of glue (optional) on the underside of the deck if needed.

• Thread wire through the “nipple”.

• Loop the control ring on the wire and position it on the jar lid, followed by the cap socket.

• Attach the ribbed wire to the silver screw, and the non-ribbed wire, by winding the wire’s visible part around the screw neck, to the gold screw on either side of the socket, and removing the screw to seal the socket.

• Put the socket on the socket and put it in the socket cap safely.

•  Tighten the jarring on the jar.

Step 8: Add socket

Display a light bulb in the socket and plug the light into it to ensure that it is operating. Top the lampshade and voila in small to medium scale! Don’t forget to change the contents of your lamp with other wonderful items for upcoming seasons and holidays!

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This is the ability to add your own flair, and this is a perfect way to use your favorite hobby shop with the glass-frosting mist. You may also use colors and other decorations to make a jar that is as nice to see during the day as in the night.

It could be applied for a beach or nautical look, packed with floral pebbles, bottles, or art supplies, add colorful candies to your craft room, leave them bare, twin-wrap them – or you could even make a habitat garden or your own vivarium!

Be sure that the palate colors and personal preferences are synchronized. You get the feeling! You get the idea! It’s a versatile mason jar DIY lamp. Fill up it and incorporate the decor with a custom accent!


Making Marson jar is one of the best stay-at-home mom jobs, which could help mom make money in effective ways. With just a little skill and carefully do as instructed, you can do it yourself and create your own products that sell and make a profit! What other ideas do you have for making your own lamp?  We will post in the next episode about “Mom make money”, thanks for your reading!

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