6 Things you need to be a healthy mom
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6 Things You Need To Be A Healthy Mom

Full-time motherhood is always a sacred and important mission. Maybe your imagined motherhood is a far cry from reality, and you realize that it takes a lot of time and effort to be a good mother.

The to-do tasks will never stop in the to-do list, there will be unexpected “nameless” tasks that happen like a sick child or a maid out of work. Therefore, you need to prepare in good health to have the ability and plenty of energy to do all the best for your children and for yourself.

1. A Great Water Bottle

We just need more water to drink. I enjoy coffee as well as my mother’s next sleep, but my body wants more water than espresso.

So take care of yourself and buy a bottle that you really like. I mean, it’s just a vessel to hold water, and almost every old cup, glass, or bowl can hold water, but it’s easier to drink a special cup. Here’s the reason.


It’s great for me because I love cold ice water. When I see it, I’m reminded that my husband purchased it especially for drinking water for me. I remember he spent a lot of money buying it, and I’m worth it to him.

You don’t have to spend a lot on a bottle. 

What you need is one that you want, and you deserve it. Your wellbeing is vital and you need to be hydrated to be safe and important.

You might really like infused water. Maybe you just like the temperature of the room water.No matter how much you like your drink, buy a bottle that makes your water more enticing because water is key to being a healthy mom.

2. A Fitness Tracker

The benefits of wearing a step tracker range from weight loss and management to muscle building.According to John Hopkins, a fitness tracker can even help improve your heart’s health.

And whether you’ve got an expensive one or a cheap one, it’s kind of irrelevant. The point is that you keep track of your level of activity. You set your own step goal and try to hit it every day.


Now Fitbit has some neat social features like being able to digitally challenge another Fitbit user, but every day my daughter and I challenge each other with our cheap trackers.

We just need to communicate with the words to solve the challenge and to track it.

My effort to be a healthier mom has also had the unintended side effect of helping my children to be healthier. My daughter begged for a step counter of her own and, with a price tag under twenty bucks, it was a pretty easy yes. 


There are days she’ll see that she’s not close to the goal of her step, and she’s going out and running around to get her steps up. Of course, the other three kids are watching her, so they’re all getting exercise and fresh air.

Well, that’s awesome.

3. A Realistic Menu Plan

Everyone wants to eat healthier, but it’s hard to eat.

It’s easy to spend a few hours on Pinterest eating healthy recipes, but the reality of cooking thin grilled chicken alfredo with zoodles is a little more difficult.


The solution must be realistic.

Find out ten simple, nutritious meals that your family can really enjoy and rotate. Throw on a couple of sandwich nights and have brunch for dinner, and you’ve easily got two weeks of dinner without a lot of work or tension. They’re budget-friendly, healthy-minded, and child-friendly.

4. A Good Scale

We are all aware of those people who “do not even have a dimension,” and only “allow my body to be the weight it wants to be.” This is normally like 105 pounds of athletic wear annoyance. But I am not that person. 

Blue Bell and stretchy pants, my body wants. I need to have a scale in order to tell my weight, so I can eat and work. Obsessing it or letting this number define you, I’m not saying. At least once a week, I’m saying it’s useful.


Our scale is truly great to calculate BMI, body fat, the weight of water, muscle weight, fancy stuff. It connects with your phone’s free app and makes a practical little graph. So if you’re working out and gaining muscle, it shows you.

It’s incredibly motivating. Or just get a basic digital scale and make your own graph. It really doesn’t matter as long as you are keeping up with your weight.

5. A Go-To Snack

Mom’s hard life. I walk 20,000 steps some days and don’t even sit down to lunch.

It’s important for you to have a healthy snack on days like this that you can easily take to prevent you from eating sleeves of thin monkeys because you’re so hangry that you don’t take it anymore.


The Think Thin Salted Caramel Protein Bars are my go-to snack. They taste pretty good because they are 150 calorie bars, low carb, low sugar.

When I go to Bless This Mess, I also love to make the Peanut Butter Chip Oatmeal Energy Bites from Melissa.

6. An Exercise You Love

All right, love might be a bit powerful. But find a practice you’re not afraid of. This is Pilates for me. For me. It’s little impact and everything that my mother desperately needs about building core strength.


I like jogging because it allows me to get away from kids for a while while while listening to 90’s hip hop and helps me start off a proactive morning routine! What’s better in the sunshine than a small Ludacris?

And don’t take this as I tell you to join the gym, please. There are enough Pinterest exercise pins to try out a new daily and never run out.


The point is not to spend a ton of money committing yourself to a fitness center. It’s about finding an exercise you can tolerate and commit to repeatedly every week because it’s good for your body.

Your body has done some really terrific things and deserves well-being. Each doctor agrees that healthy food and workouts are good for you.



Your kids deserve to have a healthy mom that’s around for a long time.

Otherwise, who will tell them to brush their teeth? Who will take them to school every day? Who will cook a banana pancake with chocolate for breakfast, prepare a bento box for lunch, and buy a dessert ice cream at dinner?

Healthy is gold. When you are in good health, all your wishes to become a good mother will be more easily fulfilled and you will be assured of yourself with your long-term future plans.

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