How Mother's Day is celebrated in Egypt
Mother's Day

How Mother’s Day Is Celebrated In Egypt?

Though most countries around the globe celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, Egypt chooses to be different. In Egypt and several Arab countries, Mother’s Day falls on March 21, the first day of spring. Widely seen as an unofficial national holiday, Mother’s Day in Egypt is often a day of gift-giving and celebration, like the way it is celebrated in many other cultures worldwide. But here, I’ve discovered some funny stories about how Mother’s Day is celebrated in Egypt. That’s what makes the Mother’s Day celebration in Egypt special and different from the others!

Mother's Day in Egypt

Is your mother from Egypt or is she living in Egypt now? Do you want to know what day is Mother’s Day in Egypt so that you can make Mother’s Day special to honor the woman you love? Let your mom know much you love and appreciate her.

How Mother’s Day is celebrated in Egypt?

It cannot be denied that the celebration of Mother’s Day is one of the greatest ways to show appreciation and gratitude to the woman who sacrifices her entire life for the sake of her children’s happiness. And the way Egyptians organize Mother’s Day is not out of that spirit.

But you know, Egyptian kids are like no other. That’s why I’m sure that the way they celebrate Mother’s Day would be a bit different. Let’s hear their Mother’s Day stories to know how they celebrated the day and how their moms felt.

How Mother’s Day is celebrated in Egypt? An Egyptian kid shared frankly that she had a tough week at work and not only at 2:00 did he realize that it’s Mother’s Day. That’s why she had no time to prepare any gifts for her mom. The child decided to wake up at 6:00 just to organize the house – it was a mess that time, and to do the laundry before going to work.

Mother's Day in Egypt

Unfortunately, that was the very first time she used the washing machine and of course, she couldn’t know that she needs to use a different detergent before mixing the colored and white clothes. The result is, sadly, her favorite white shirt turned to pink.

Another expressed that Mother’s Day is the alarm to slow down her life’s pace so she can give some significant attention to her beloved mom. She admitted that she is not good at picking gifts, so what she chooses are usually roses and chocolates. However, the precious thing that she always makes sure to spend the whole day with the woman she loves once she finishes work, and the thing makes her really happy.

Mother's Day in Egypt

For one more story, the child directly asked mom to help her choose her gift for Mother’s Day, but her mother insisted that she wanted nothing. When the child kept on asking non-stop just to receive the answer, the mother finally replied that the gift was that the child gives her the menu of the week for what she wants to eat and also stops telling her “Ay haga” whenever mom asks her about the food she wants (in Egyptian, “Ay haga” means anything). The child then realized that being a picky eater must have given her mom a hard time during the past 18 years.

Other ways to celebrate Mother’s Day

How do you think about the way Egyptians celebrate Mother’s Day? So exciting, right? And below, I have some other suggestions that you can choose to honor your mom. Especially, there are meaningful ways you can try during this sensitive time – the quarantine time due to pandemic.

Find fun activity to do with their moms

If you are living in the same home with your mom, it’s perfect! Living in the same home with mom is such a big benefit to celebrate Mother’s Day. Who doesn’t want to be with their moms on such a meaningful day? And this is how you can celebrate the holiday to honor their mother.

Mother's Day

I believe that there will be much more happiness when you can do lots of fun activities with their moms on Mother’s Day. You can choose one activity that mom likes, or directly ask her what she wants to do. Then, offer to help set up and clean up after the activity ends so that your mom can take a rest. A few ideas that they usually choose are:

  • Watch a movie as a family
  • Gather as a family and talk about your mom’s stories
  • Play a game
  • Put together a puzzle

Make meals for your mom

As we are in quarantine due to COVID-19, you may not be able to take mom out to eat. However, you can still make things more special by preparing breakfast, lunch, or dinner for her. Don’t be too hard on this. You don’t need to be excellent at cooking. The important thing is that you are trying to cook the meal and serve your mom a homemade meal.

Mother's Day

If you have siblings, this will be more interesting when they can help you cook a larger meal, making your mom even more surprised.

Connect video call with your mom

How to make Mother’s Day special during quarantine? It’s challenging but in fact, there are several ways for you. The most popular one is to chat with your mom with the help of some video call platforms.

make video call with mom on Mother's Day

If you are in separate homes and find it hard to come back with your mom due to the pandemic, you can choose this way. Although you may feel sad when not being able to visit your mom on Mother’s Day, it doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with her.

You can schedule a video call to chat with their moms. Also, you can even choose to schedule during the meal so it feels like you are eating together.

I was so impressed with how Mother’s Day is celebrated in Egypt. And you? How are you going to celebrate the upcoming Mother’s Day? Comment below to let me know! And I hope whatever your present is, it would be the most meaningful gift for your beloved mom.

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