celebrate Mother's Day while pregnant
Mother's Day

Can You Celebrate Mother’s Day If You’re Pregnant?

This year, most countries will celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 9, 2021. And I know many of you are expecting your first little human who is going to officially make you a “Mother”. Moms-to-be! If you are wondering if you can celebrate Mother’s Day while pregnant or not, please put all those thoughts aside. Even without having sweet little cheeks to wipe, lips to smooch, and forehead to kiss, you know, you are having a growing strong and beautiful inside you.

So, are you allowed to celebrate Mother’s Day while pregnant? Of course! You count 100%! Being pregnant means always being a mother.

No one can deny the fact that you are already a mother. You’ve spent weeks or months worrying about every little movement of your baby. You sacrifice all to ensure that the baby is as healthy as possible. That’s why you should celebrate and enjoy Mother’s Day. Below is how:

How to celebrate Mother’s Day while pregnant?

Announce Your Pregnancy

If only you and your husband know this wonderful thing, this would be a good idea to share the happy news with your family and friends to celebrate your baby and Mother’s Day.

Can you celebrate mother's day if you're pregnant

You may let it be an intimate affair, without taking much stress by scheduling a zoom or Skype call. Dress up beautifully and then discuss with your husband the way you are going to break the news. You can either tell them to play a guessing game or simply show them the ultrasound. And remember to take pictures and screenshots to keep the sweet moments on that day.

celebrate Mother's Day

Celebrate the day with your Mom

Having a wonderful day with your mom can also be a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day. I can assure you that your mom is really excited about the arrival of their grandchild. You can spend the day sharing your happiness with Mom as well as listening to the stories about your childhood and getting some valuable advice from her.

celebrate Mother's Day with mom

Write a letter to your unborn baby

Sometimes, a mother’s love will be romantic. And Mother’s Day is a special day for you to write an open letter to your baby – the letter sent from mummy with love. Don’t forget to date it on Sunday, May 9, 2021.

In the letter, you may start by telling your child how excited you are at becoming their mom, your feeling about their arrival. Also, talk to them about anything you are looking forward to sharing with them.

celebrate Mother's Day while pregnant

Tell them about your hopes, your dreams as well as all the things you want them to discover and experience when they grow up.


celebrate Mother's Day while pregnant

Why don’t enjoy a day full of pampering as a way to celebrate Mother’s Day while pregnant? Book yourself into a spa or you can choose to enjoy that bubble bath with candles and some relaxing music.

Spend that special day just for you to doing things you love that you haven’t got any chance to do for ages!

Maternity Photoshoot

As a mom, I feel that pregnancy is one of the most wonderful journeys in my life. And I believe that thing is true to many other women’s lives.

Though there might be a hardship, we must live and try to do the best things for our baby. And to celebrate Mother’s Day while pregnant, you can do a maternity shoot.

celebrate Mother's Day

Every woman looks pretty during her pregancy. So, why don’t keep that beautiful thing in some photograph? I know some feel it but other might not. And if you are the latter who is not confident about the photoshoot, just keep in mind that the photo expresses a special journey of your life.

On that day, let’s choose your favorite dress, ask your husband to decorate your room and be ready with a big smile!

Stitch Baby Clothes

One more ideal way to celebrate Mother’s Day while pregnant is to stitch clothes for your babies. Baby clothes are so cute and making little clothes for your unborn children can help increase your bond. That makes you feel more connected with your children as you are trying for them from the little things.

celebrate Mother's Day

Just remember that the attire you make will remind you of your journey. When your babies grow up, they may feel the love of you with their clothes made by your own hands.

Have you got any plans to celebrate Mother’s Day while pregnant? If you do, please share with me in the comment sections below. Also, if you have any pregnant friends or family members, don’t forget to share my article with them. I think it is helpful for you all.

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