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Ideas To Have Quality Time With Kids

Let’s face it, life is busy! Both job and life commitments, the days rush us by in the blink of an eye. No matter how busy or how close you are, try to hug your kids and remind them you love them. You would be shocked if you knew in the long term how important these gestures!

Today, we’ll discover some helpful tips for mom to have quality time with kids, still keep a healthy lifestyle and balance work-life!

Have a back yard camp out


You don’t have to quit work or go to a rare weekend retreat for weeks. Discharge. Set up your camp tent or camping ground in your backyard. Look at the moon, barbecue, share tales, marshmallows. Make memories best of all!

Try children’s theater


See for entertainment centers around your neighbouring town or area. Your kid never remembers its best tv day, as the saying goes. Live theatre, however, has something unique. I once took my daughter to the children’s theater for her birthday to see a local Sleeping Beauty production. While the fares were cheap, she recalls it and addresses it months later.

Rose and thorn

I was told this everyday tradition by my friend, which sounds like a lot of people attribute to an interview with Michelle Obama, as I Googled to see where she came from. (Please comment on telling us whether an original source is previously available.)


The aim is to ask every member of the family what their day was all about. What was today’s best and worst thing for you? It takes only a few minutes and is a perfect way to make sure you relate each day to your kids.

Play at the playground


Don’t get stuck on the phone or talk with the other parents (I also both do), but PLAY with the girls. Be the one that organizes the hide and looks for the game or launches a competition for slides. (I made that up just.

Take turns and take various positions. See who’s the best. Over and over again.) The argument is that occasionally it’s all right to be dumb in the pursuit of quality time.

Tech time out

These days, we are all so technologically connected. Should you dream about taking time off as a family if it meant that you would tend to the emotional needs of your child? At first it is tough, but if you keep it, I bet that you’ll find that the way you make more memories easier and easier.

Family movie night

The exact opposite of the Tech Time Out might sound, but arranging a family film night will make your family stronger! It’s better about simply watching television. You should add some nice printable packets of popcorn and enjoy a special new movie, snuggle up on the sofa.


Perhaps you should choose the one you take turns? It’s part of the preparation, so talk about it in advance and maybe take a photo to recall the fun!

Living room sleepover

If you’re there already… why not broaden your fun with a sleeping living room?! If your children love to sneak in their beds, they’ll love to sleep with you in the living room!

Do chores together

If your children do daily jobs, choose one day a week, if you’re not hurried and intend on living together. You get new skills in life, you spend time together and, when you get smarter, you get around the to-do list quicker! More time together to spend!

Class or lesson

Did you and your children ever discover anything new? Maybe you’ll take an art class, practice guitar playing, and ice skating? Children are so used to learning everything about their parents and doing better at all. Think of the ease of ensuring you don’t all know and realizing if you are meeting the difficulties of mastering a new skill.

Happy family outdoor ice skating at rink. Mother and children has winter activities. Mom, kids. Medeo stadium. Almaty.

I recall my daughter very well when she first tried ice skating together with my husband. I don’t think if she didn’t see my husband ‘learning’ for her, she’d have the courage to remain there. I still love memory, and it has taught me I have to be bold to try something different also with the kids.

Have a family dance party

This is normally one of my favourite places to spend time with my whole family or one child at all times. Just let loose! Tell them on what you should show you and see some of the old steps. I like copying what one of my children does. They’re so giggling!

Family game night


This is Friday night. It is Friday night. Tomorrow’s film night but what can we do tonight? Play Night, how about it? You’ve definitely got your favorites, but you can still branch out.

Try 5 game night games with only paper and pencil if you want to make things pretty easy. Or try one of the best Backyard board games if you’re adventurous and awesome!


Okay we’ve got quality time COVERED! Now, here are two bonus tips for speaking love languages. Teach the love languages to your kids too! That would be a great act of service to teach them how to show love too!

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