Mother's Day DIY gifts
Mother's Day

10 Mother’s Day DIY Gifts Your Mom Will Actually Love

Have you ever had a hard time coming up with great gifts for mom on Mother’s Day? I do, for many times! Some Mother’s Day DIY gifts may help us!

Moms are hard. You want her to feel special, tell her how much you love her. However, you find it too difficult to choose appropriate gifts that help you do that well.

Mother's Day DIY gifts

Why don’t think about giving her something from the heart? These Mother’s Day DIY gifts will surely make a perfect gift to express your love, gratitude to your beloved mom. Let your mom feel super special and important on a day that’s just for her. She’ll love them and cherish your creation forever.

Mother’s Day DIY gifts for mom

I’ve rounded up here some great homemade gift ideas for Mother’s Day. All are easy-to-make Mother’s Day crafts and gifts, meaning even the most novice crafter can tackle them.

Trust me, these creative Mother’s Day DIY gift ideas will let you think outside the box. Just pick what works for your mom and make it perfect for her.

Springtime Smudge Stick

Mother's Day DIY gifts

Have you ever heard about Springtime Smudge Sticks? Traditionally, they are used to cleanse the energy of a space. You can try to make it a beautiful Mother’s Day DIY gift for mom.

This special gift is the combination of cleansing white sage, loving rose, calming lavender, healing rose-hips, and yarrow. Get the tutorial here

Lemon Sage Epson Bath Soak

Mother's Day DIY gifts

This is one of the great Mother’s Day DIY gifts for mom you can try. Although this beautiful homemade bath soak looks like something you usually find in a high-end spa, you just need 10 minutes to make it. What’s more, there are various ways to customize this gift. Check out the full tutorial here

Photo Lavender Sachets

Mother's Day DIY gifts

Photos are the best to keep memorable moments for your family. Why don’t think about making this upcoming Mother’s Day special with your family photo?

Sentimental, functional, and lovely, these photo-imprinted lavender sachets are ready to surprise your mom. Get the tutorial here.

Custom Tea Blends

Mother's Day DIY gifts

If you see that your mom is an avid tea drinker, try to be a barista for this Mother’s Day. This will surely be an attractive DIY Mother’s Day gift for your mom. Learn how to make your tea blend from green tea, ginger, and lemon or black tea, orange, and cardamom.

While making it, you can add a supplement, for example, Moon Juice’s Spirit Dust. This helps promote a positive mood, calming state of mind, and resistance to tension, irritability, and stress. Find out how here.

DIY Flower Crown

Mother's Day DIY gifts

You realize that it’s too boring as you’ve chosen a classic bouquet of flowers for your mom for years. Now it’s time to do something new.

Instead of buying a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day, give your mother a homemade flower wreath so she can wear it as a crown all day long. Get the how-to here.

Wooden Bangle Bracelets

gifts for Mother's Day

These wooden bangles are one of the most popular Mother’s Day DIY gifts a lot of children have made for their moms. The wooden bangle bracelets are so chic that many moms cannot even realize they are homemade (until you humbly reveal the fact).

You should choose leather scraps and a paint color that matches your Mother’s individual style. Wait and you can see it will become her new favorite accessory. Get the tutorial here.

Lavender Oatmeal Tub Teas + Bath Bombs

Mother's Day DIY gifts

Give the best woman in your life the gift of relaxation (and also soft skin) with a DIY spa package. This is one of the most favorable Mother’s Day DIY gifts for mom. All-natural tub teas and bath bombs can perfectly turn an everyday bath into a luxurious experience.

You can create this gift easily with just a few ingredients. Get the easy how-to here.

Clay Handprint Vase

Mother's Day gifts

Some classic handprints crafts seem to be too kitschy to be displayed year-round. And this clay handprint vase will be the solution. The marbled clay vase is stylish enough to hold a permanent spot in any home. And what’s meaningful is that the fun, easy Mother’s Day DIY gift can be made by tiny hands and teenage hands alike.

Get to make this here

Tabletop Succulent Terrarium

Mother's Day DIY gift ideas

How can mom resist such a pretty plant potted by the hands she loves the most? This modern succulent terrarium is among fun and easy-to-make Mother’s Day DIY gifts for mom. You can find the step-by-step instructions that are straightforward enough for both kids and adults to do.

Check out the tutorial here.

Hand-tied Flower Bouquet

Mother's Day DIY gifts

With some grocery store flowers and simple instructions from The Flower Book (by Rachel Siegfried), you can totally have the most beautiful hand-tied flower bouquet for your mom. This gift, with a meaningful Mother’s Day card, will make your mother really happy.

Even, with that thoughtful gift, your mom may think that the beautiful DIY gift is straight from the florist’s shop. Check out how to do it here.

With those easy-to-make Mother’s Day DIY gifts, are you ready to surprise your mom and make her feel super special on that day?

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