Mother's Day Party On Zoom
Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Zoom Party For A Remote Celebration

Mother’s Day is almost here, but ongoing social distancing may change your plans for the upcoming holiday. Rest assured that you can find many other ways to celebrate the day. And for a remote celebration, I bet that there is no way more ideal than Mother’s Day Zoom Party. Here is how to set up an impressive party on Zoom to surprise your Mom.

Mother's Day celebration on Zoom

Just think about all the plans you might make for the holiday. Taking your mom to her favorite restaurant doesn’t seem so good. A spa day can not be able to happen just yet. And even a laid-back day of shopping doesn’t give us a safe feeling.

And children can’t help feeling sad when they are not able to be with their mom on that day. It’s not easy to gather with your family when you are living thousands of miles away from home. But you can really do something to make her day special in these extraordinary times. And while you find it hard to have breakfast with your mom in person, you can certainly gather with her as well as other family members through Zoom.

Mother's Day Zoom party

What to prepare to organize Mother’s Day Zoom Party?

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9. And it’s important to prepare something if you are going to celebrate the day through Zoom.

Setting a Mother’s Day Zoom party requires that both you and your mom have a Zoom account. Also, you need to make sure that you both have the Zoom platform installed on your phone or computer. And it would be best if you have registered prior to Mother’s Day to avoid any hiccups there.

Just keep in mind that if you are going to make a video chat with more than one person for the holiday, you have to know that Zoom’ free optive only offers 40 minutes of free group chatting with three or more people.

It means without the paid plans (which usually starts at $14.99 per month), you may need another person to start another meeting after yours expires. However, this causes disruption during the Zoom party, which annoys everyone who takes part in the Zoom meeting.

If you are only calling your mom, then don’t worry. You are free to join in unlimited one-on-one calls.

How to set up a Mother’s Day Zoom Party?

Schedule your Zoom meeting

When it comes to Mother’s Day celebrations, both you and your mom should be planners. However, it would be best when you are actively talking to your mom about the plan of setting up a Mother’s Day Zoom party so she will feel more special on that day.

Mother's Day Zoom party

Try to pick a time for the Zoom meeting that depends on your mom’s preference. Don’t forget to make sure that everyone you want to join in the party can call in, too.

If you want to invite your siblings to join the call, you may want to schedule the Zoom meeting ahead of time to make it easier.

Pick out a Mother’s Day-themed background

If you would like to use virtual backgrounds on a PC or Mac computer, first you need to check that you installed Zoom version 4.6.0 or higher.

If you are using an iPhone to make a Mother’s Day party on Zoom, make sure you’ve had the latest update in the Zoom mobile app with an iPhone 8 or later. You can play around with the features of each version and decide which party background you may want to use ahead of time.

Mother's Day-themed background

There are some Mother’s Day-themed Zoom backgrounds from some brands that are for free online. Once you have downloaded the favorite background, open Zoom, go to your Settings, then click on the Virtual Background tab. Choose the plus button (+) to upload your desired backdrop.

Plan the rest of the details for the party

The rest of your planning for the celebration is up to you. As it is for the day of the best women in your life, try to be as creative as you’d like. Your mom will surely appreciate it. Below are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Host a Mother’s Day brunch over Zoom chat. Your mom will enjoy a virtual cheer on a special day just for her.
  • Put a Mother’s Day game night together with your mom.
  • Try a Mother’s Day scavenger hunt if you would like to make a simple way to get everyone in on the fun.
  • Prepare Mother’s Day PowerPoint and make a presentation. There are many topics to create content for it. For example, you can pick a subject about mom or something your mom would love.
  • Virtually enjoy cake and watch your mom presents while others go around and share their favorite memory with mom for many years.

You see, even during a tough time, you can still find ways to make Mother’s Day special during the pandemic. After all, I hope you and your family stay healthy and safe this time. Wish you enjoy the best moments with your Mom on the upcoming Mother’s Day.

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