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Two Morning Routines That Mom Should Avoid

A proactive morning routine for mothers will assist in self-care and care of the soul.If you’ve tried a morning routine before but have struggled to stick to it, you might be falling into one of two common pitfalls. Let’s take a look at this article and find something helpful for your daily habit!

1. You haven’t given it enough time

While the myth of 21 days to get used to’ has been consistently dismantled, it makes us realize that a constant commitment is required to create a new practice in our everyday life.

You havent given it enough time

Plan your time and resources to finish your routine every morning. Don’t be shocked if you feel like much work and want to give up. That’s very usual. The habit is like popcorn making.

Remember how long the kernels sat in the microwave or in the air popper before you ever heard the nice pop sound. Before they burst, a lot of heat (energy) needs to be applied to the kernels. For any new routine you want to begin, it’s exactly the same. It takes effort at first, but then it becomes easy and very pleasant. 

2. You might be trying to do too much 

As one reader told me, she read other blogs that place wiping baseboards on a weekly cleaning list. And, because she couldn’t make it she still felt absolutely inadequate. Don’t be surprised!


Life as a home-mom is full of distractions and unpredictability and the development of an unrealistic system just results in feelings of disappointment and failure.

If you’re like me, you’re both going to be excited about how much you can do about your new schedule at home. However, I would warn you to hold to five basic jobs for you can achieve them almost every day, so you can be successful and want to proceed without frustration. You can add on if you want to once you master these steps.

A quick review at how to build your morning routine effectively

We’ve covered a lot, and it’s now your turn to make your home practice with this powerful tool.

1. Using a small and achievable task to launch a productive day (like making the bed)

2. Then only include the necessities to make today a better day (start with 3 to 5 tasks)

3. Use in the schedule at least one current habit as the base of new patterns (like making coffee)

4. Give yourself a bonus to help set the routine (checking tasks off a list works well)


After several weeks into my routine, without having to search my list, a morning came when I realized that I had completed the entire thing. I didn’t even realize I washed the cast iron pan, but it was there clean and dry on my stove waiting for eggs for the morning! In comparison, I didn’t read through all of my assignments on my list or drag through them. I just simply did it!


My mind was free to wander around, come up with fresh ideas for the project and prepare for the next day. I get to spend time with my kids to get to work without the guilt of getting stacked behind me in all my simple activities, first in the morning.

Plus, just as you start paying off debt, the ball rolls to reach bigger targets for the first baby step. I am inspired to do more work with a few small tasks

Create your morning routine

I enjoy studying, and often I read or listen to something encouraging or informative (not every day). I’m an introvert, so I just need to sit silently for a few days. But I really look forward to inspiring people and I’ll listen to a podcast, read a book or watch a summit online.

There you finally have it! So, before my kids wake up, my morning routine sounds like that. That this morning’s routine is grown for several months, I want to make it perfectly clear.

mom in the morning

When I first started, it won’t sound ideally like that. I would advise you to take a good practice at a time when you are only beginning a morning routine.

Just start off with a few habits or condense your habits in two minutes when you first introduce a morning routine. In the first week, knock it off in 10 minutes or less. Get up sooner and earlier, eventually.

productive morning

When the body becomes conscious, take a moment to focus on self-improvement for one solid hour. You should even set yourself a one-month target and break it in half. 2 weeks top! Try two weeks to get a productive morning and put another two weeks. When you reach a month, your brain is used to the craving every day.


If you haven’t been early yet, take a shot and build your own regular morning restoration routine. It doesn’t have to be similar to mine, but you could also glean some inspiration. Take the time to top up first so you can give your family more precious time.

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