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How To Make A Jar Of Hearts

Everyone knows the heart is the symbol of love and the Marson jar is incredible stuff to make thousands of DIY ideas. With the exception of the Marson jar lamp, today, we will discover how to make a Marson jar of hearts!

To give a heart-shaped object is a wonderful way to show your love to your family, your friends, and your lover. Hence, a jar filled with hearts should deliver an affectionate emotion toward the receiver. Today, let’s learn how to create handmade a jar of hearts as a special gift for your beloved people.


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To start with, you will need nothing more than:

– A container, for example, a jar, a box, a bottle… A glass container is one good option, so that lovely hearts could be seen from the outside.

– Decorative items, cards, color paper, ribbons, scissors, glue…

– For the hearts, there are a number of different choices. 

Should you be good at handcrafting, you can pick up a couple of origami heart templates and make them yourself. 

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Another easier way is to cut paper into small pieces with the shape of the heart. You can write down dear notes or messages on the inside, then fold them. It would bring a huge surprise to anyone reading them.

Alternatively, you can choose to fill your jar with chocolate hearts or cookies… It’s very easy to find them in any store. So finally, what to choose is totally up to you.

Let’s move on!

1.Create an attractive container.

You should be sure that the jar or the bottle has been completely washed clean and dry. 

You can follow the idea of “a jar of hearts” by gluing small paper hearts around the outside of the jar. 

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On top of the lid, you can attach a cover and write a loving sentence to the receiver. Or you can write a stroke of good luck on a nice card and tie it onto the lid with a ribbon.

Once you’ve done with the jar decoration, go to Step 2.

2. Fill the jar with the hearts of love

The final step is to put the paper hearts, chocolate hearts or cookie hearts into the jar. 

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Then that’s done. A jar of hearts is a very simple present to make, but it carries a profound meaning and is an admirable gift for any special occasions.

With only a few simple steps, a jar of hearts can be used as a present for couples, parents, and children… and make them feel your infinite love.

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