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12 things to teach your son before he turns 12

As parents, we all want our children to be successful in their life. And just keep in mind what we teach them when they are still young has a significant impact on their future. Below are 12 things to teach your son before he reaches 12 that every parent should follow.

Essential things to teach your son

1. The benefit of kindness

Let your son understand that offering kindness to others is a blessing to the other person and to himself. Just go out of their way and show kindness to others. Also, tell your kid to look out for those who might need help. He will be the better man for it.

things to teach your son

Revive your child’s chivalry by teaching him to help others without being required. You can encourage your child by praising him when he opens a door for an elderly person or picks up something someone drops.

2. The value of hard work

Dealing with children’s laziness is one of the most common challenges for parents. That’s why it is important to teach your son the value of hard work.

things to teach your son

Explain to your son that having the ability to work hard isn’t just good for his future in the working world but also good for his self-esteem now. A job that has been done well can make one feel capable.

It might not bring pleasure all the time, but your son won’t find anything like the satisfaction of a job well-done as well as the reward of making every effort to achieve it. Giving the job all your son’s got and he will be happy for it.

3. The power of self-control

things to teach your son

Normally, boys come by their combustive reputations honestly. And their testosterone is what makes them more inclined to have anger issues. And it’s vital that parents start to teach their son that. Tell your son that till the end, he needs to be the boss of his actions and anger. Let your child know that he will be a true winner when he can learn to get a grip on himself and his temper

4. Take responsibility for his actions

what things to teach your son

It’s important to teach your son that every action he does and every choice he makes have consequences. Help him realize that when he chooses to act a certain way, he must think ahead about what those actions will bring. Tell him that he must be ready to take responsibility for his actions.

5. Manage the online world

things to teach your child

Besides learning to resist pornography, our boys also need to limit the use of their devices 24/7 while life and many opportunities pass them by. You should set limits for your son’s screen time. Let him understand why you are doing that so that when he is in control of making his own decisions in this area, your son can have the information he should make good choices.

6. The benefit of taking care of himself

things to teach your son

We never want our son to be a huge slob when he goes to college. We expect a mature boy who knows how to clean, how to cook and take care of himself. That means your sons can do their own laundry, go to the grocery store to shop for themselves and make their own doctor appointments if necessary.

7. Proper way to talk to adult

Generally, good manners and ease with other people don’t naturally come to most boys. That is a long period of learning and practicing. Teach your son that he should have a firm handshake with others, stand when women or older people enter a room. Right from their very early ages, teach them how to have a basic conversation.

what things to teach your son

For example, when someone says “Hello” to your son, he needs to say hello back while looking into their eyes. Or if they ask him “Are you fine?”, he should answer and then ask them other things. Never underestimate these little things as it’s small things that help your son navigate the adult smoothly.

Showing respect to others says much about you. Tell your son that he needs to speak and treat others respectfully.

8. How to be strong

Tell your son the importance of being a man of strength. You boy needs to be strong in his convictions, strong in his faith and his dependability. What parents need to do is to give their child the tools to make him feel strong and able. And it is said that an ideal place to start is to build up the right kind of self-esteem.

9. Be his own man

Who doesn’t want to be loved by other people? But to be yourself will be a great thing. And your son needs to learn that it’s important to act with his own values and beliefs. He doesn’t need to act the same as others when realizing that they are moving in one direction. Although being his own man may be challenging, it’s worth living a life that you are true to who you are.

10. How to have faith

things to teach your son

It cannot be denied that faith is the cornerstone of life. You need to guide your son in the forming of his faith. It is just like the way you do in the forming of other characteristics you want your child to develop. Parents will not always be able to be there for their children. A strong faith will be the compass when your son chooses his direction in their own life.

11. The Honor of justice

Teach your son that they should support good and right things – no matter what the personal cost. He needs to fight against injustice anywhere he comes across. It would be your privilege and honor to do so.

12. Teach them about gratitude

things to teach your son

By teaching your son an attitude of gratitude, we can help them look at situations from a point of appreciation rather than from a deficit.

Indeed, gratitude is a wonderful talent that must be refined. Never allow your son to grow up entitled or spoiled. Let the richness of your son’s life defined by grateful hearts, sacrificial love, and his appreciation for what he has.

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