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The Power Of Apologizing To Your Kids

Parents, do you know that saying sorry to a child is one of your responsibilities? As a father, a mother, and a teacher, it’s vital that you know how to apologize to your child when you make mistakes. The power of apologizing to your kids is what I’d love to share with you in this post.

While learning to apologize to children is really necessary, many parents suppose that saying sorry to their children expresses a sign of weakness. Never think that way! Making a mistake doesn’t mean your child will think less of you. This is a chance for parents to teach their kids about irresponsibility, which many of us should think about.

the power of apologizing to your kids

Something every parent tries to do is to teach their kids the importance of apologizing anytime they lie, do something wrong or end up doing anything dangerous and disrespectful. Knowing to say sorry when necessary is important in life.

Parents should notice that teaching children how to apologize from an early age can make it easier for the little ones to feel empathy. As a result, the child can take responsibility for what they do and be able to control themselves in sensitive situations. Sometimes, this kind of behavior is hard to learn. Even many adults admit that they don’t follow what they preach.

Normally, parents refuse to admit their mistake as it makes them feel ashamed. However, please remember that you need to be the model to your child. How parents teach their children to say sorry when they don’t even admit their mistakes and apologize to their kids? Learning to apologize may enhance your relationship with children and let you teach them values more easily.

The importance of apologize to children

how to say sorry to kids

The best way to understand the importance of saying sorry to your child is to think of a time when someone hurts you. They lied to you, offended but had no apology for it. That hurts you and even it leaves a scar that time can never erase.

Now, think about your children. Just imagine how your kid will feel if their loved ones hurt him. And without an apology from adults, children may learn these two things:

  • They don’t have to apologize when being a figure of power
  • People can hurt the people they love and everything will still remain the same. There is no need to admit their mistake or apologize to someone they hurt.

What does a child learn when you apologize to them?

saying sorry to kids

The power of apologizing to your kids lies in teaching them to be more respectful, cooperative. Also, they learn proper ways to live and behave with others. They know:

  • Everybody makes mistakes. And it’s important to recognize what they do wrong so that they can fix the situation.
  • Though many people often feel shy when they say an apology to others, doing that way is truly an act of responsibility that can make them feel better afterward.

How to apologize to your child properly?

Just a word “Sorry”, of course, is not enough. You should know how to apologize to your child correctly and effectively. Saying sorry is necessary, but you need to do it right.

how to apologize to your child effectively

Never ignore or underestimate your child’s emotions. It’s important to recognize when you are wrong and sincerely apologize to them. Try to explain to your child why you say sorry to him. For example, you can say “I’m sorry because I agreed that we were going to the park but we didn’t. Your dad had an urgent work so we couldn’t.”

When to say sorry and when not?

Of course, there is no reason to say sorry when it’s not your fault. If you make a mistake, don’t hesitate to apologize to your children. There are some situations you need to say sorry to your children:

  • When we do something wrong to them.
  • When parents yell at kids. Sometimes, when we are stressed, we usually raise our voices when talking to kids. We should avoid this behavior and apologize to our kids when it happens.
  • When we don’t keep our promises.
  • When we forget to do something that our children are expecting.
  • When there is some unexpected problem that keeps us from spending time with them.

However, even when you know you are true, please keep calm to listen to your child’s heart. I have to say that because many parents can’t be patient when talking to their child. Angry parents can easily lose control and yell at kids, which can cause negative effects.

saying sorry to your kids

Try to apply positive parenting in this situation. Sometimes, what kids need is just our validation for how they feel about your decision.

Especially, teenagers often have a heightened sense of justice when they are wronged. And this time, we should talk through the issues for them to understand.

Over time, your children can hold a grudge and become more difficult to deal with if you don’t have a proper way to address the problem. Moreover, they may obsess on the offense and fall into self-pity or even depression. Parents should keep talking to their children and listen to them more. Stand firm on what is right but do it with love.

If you have ever been a mean parent who felt bad about your behavior but refused to say sorry to your child, try it out. Learn how to apologize to your child and this will strengthen the bond as well as the relationship you have with your lovely children.

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