signs of bad parenting
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What Are The Signs Of Bad Parenting?

Does bad parenting really exist? It sounds hard but in fact, it does exist. While most parents don’t want anything bad for their kids, you can still know some instances of bad parenting that leave negative consequences on children. It’s vital to know the signs of bad parenting and the ways you can do to be better parents.

signs of bad parenting

These days, many parents apply their own upbringing as a blueprint for parenting, which is not recommended because of society and social environment. Even, it is proven that some parenting methods are more harmful than they are good for children.

It may sound hard to believe when bad parenting really exists. However, parents sometimes use detrimental parenting, which leaves a long-lasting effect on their kids. Though it could be unintentional, the damage is actually done. And in case you don’t realize your moments of bad parenting, keep reading to learn more about it.

What is bad parenting?

what is bad parenting

Bad parenting is not just defined as a single act of poor nurturing. It is defined as a series of such actions that invariably have a negative effect on your child’s demeanor and psychology. Once you have signs of bad parenting, parents can feel guilty and try to reconcile. However, it’s a long process to get expected results.

A sad thing is that many parents even don’t realize their folly. Maybe they are too busy with their work to be an active parent. Many parents don’t care their children enough, others are not prepared for the worst situation. All those actions and attributes refer to bad parenting skills.

There is a question that many parents have probably asked themselves especially after a rough day: “Am I a bad parent?”

You can easily feel like your parenting skills are below par by the time nothing seems to be going your expectation, and what’s worse, you’ve exhausted your patience completely.

But believe me, when you keep concerned about whether you are making the right choice for your parenting skill, you are not a bad parent. We often stress when we yell at kids too earlier. We wish we could have handled our anger better or we could have made better decisions to deal with our children at that time.

But remember, every parent has moments they lose their control. The important thing is to determine what are signs of bad parenting so you can clarify what’s actually worth worrying about.

What are the signs of bad parenting?

There are some signs that are generally supposed to be “bad” by anyone. Of all signs, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse are considered the most damaging and serious behavior traits. Of course, we list all those actions in the signs of bad parenting. And more than ever, these serious things should be addressed with professional help.

Besides neglect and child abuse, there are other signs of bad parenting resulting in adverse outcomes for kids. Realizing whether you are doing those things may make your feel better about your parenting.

1. Over or under involvement

signs of bad parenting

Under involvement is when parents are neglectful and fail to respond to their child’s needs beyond some basic needs such as food and clothing.

Neglect is known as one of the most common signs of bad parenting. Neglecting your child emotionally and physically may have a negative effect on your child. This is also called a type of child abuse which may be as harmful to your child as physical child abuse.

You should know that ignoring your child’s need, leaving them in dangerous situations, or making them feel worthless can contribute to their low self-esteem and lead to their isolation. Also, this may affect the mental health or social development of your child. People who don’t have the attention they need in childhood can have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships later in life.

While not as damaging as neglectful style, an over-involved parent might also bring more harm than good to their children. They take control of their child’s decisions and do too much for them, which hinder them from learning by doing.

2. Improper discipline

Little or no discipline

Some parents are too busy to discipline their children. It is said that children who have little or no discipline are left to fend for themselves. This can result in injuries and create a kid who doesn’t understand boundaries.

Strict or rigid discipline

signs of bad parenting

Unlike parents who pay little or no attention to discipline their children, parents who practice strict or rigid discipline don’t let their child explore their world and live with their expectations. This is also one of the signs of bad parenting because it often leads to a child who becomes fearful, less confident, anxious or rebellious.

3. Physical or verbal abuse

Both physical abuse and verbal abuse are signs of bad parenting. Exposing a child to physical violence or verbal abuse can be extremely damaging to his well-being. Many parents do that without realizing they are having a bad parenting style. Even spanking or slur may leave a bad impression on a child for years. These forms of abuse may make kids lose their confidence and develop an inferiority complex.

signs of bad parenting

The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention indicated verbal and physical abuse may lead to lifelong psychological, behavioral, and economic problems. Some effects of verbal and physical abuse can manifest as depression, anxiety or even high-risk behaviors such as self-harm, crime, chemical dependency as well as other dangerous, unhealthy behaviors.

Some abused children who suffer from bad parenting can have problems of eating disorders, struggle with sleep issues and develop attention deficit disorders.

4. Setting a bad example

It’s sad when many parents do nothing to discourage bad behavior or manners in their kids. They usually turn a blind eye to their children’s bad behavior. As a saying, what you sow is what you reap. If parents often shout or use bad words in front of their children, it is natural that kids will take after them. What’s more, if parents usually use drugs or other harmful substances, their kids may also do the same things.

Remember, bad parenting is your choice and that choice is your fault. It’s your responsibility to change. Choose positive parenting for the holistic development of the child. This will let your kids reap more benefits for the rest of their lives.

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