how to reconnect with your child
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8 Miracle Ways To Reconnect With Your Child

Many parents hope they can find some effective strategies to reconnect with their children, not just today but every day. Do you wonder how to reconnect with your child? All these following tips will be the key to strengthen your relationship with your children.

ways to reconnect with your child

As a parent, who doesn’t love their child? We all want to be the best parent with our little angel. But sometimes, we get to the end of the day and suddenly realize we really haven’t even looked at our kids. Those are exactly the times we feel guilty about not spending enough time with our kids.

Though many of us know the importance of a strong connection to kids, it’s hard for us to fit it all in. You can try it now. Actually, making meaningful connections with your kid throughout the day won’t take much time of you.

How to reconnect with your child? Best tips for mom

1.         Tell me how you are feeling

The very first way to reconnect with your child is to pay more attention to them. You should get your child to describe the emotion she’s feeling. Let your kids feel that they are special to you!

reconnect to your child

Talking to your kids anytime you can. Most children love to talk. You can ask them about their day. Don’t start with general questions like “How was your day?” I suggest that you should use some specific questions to ask your kids, for example:

  • “You seem to be so happy today? Can you share with me about that?”
  • “What did you enjoy the most at the film we’ve watched?”

2.         Even when they are angry, tell them “I love you”

I guess you know why you should tell this to reconnect with your child. Sometimes, just our lovely words are enough to motivate our children. They expect our unconditional love to thrive physically and emotionally. Telling them “I love you, even when you feel angry”. The little ones will understand that you still love them even when you are not getting along well.

ways to reconnect to your child

 You can change “angry” to any other emotion or feeling from your child. You express to your kids that you love them no matter how they feel.

3.         Spend time to play with them

Parents should think about this: How many times does your child persuade you to play with them? When they are just little ones, they probably repeat this request many times throughout the day. But sadly, many parents ignore them because they are too busy with their work.

reconnect with your kids

Spend more time with your child as much as possible. You should approach your children and ask them if they love spending time with you. You can play together, go for a walk or simply chat on their bed. All these activities are meaningful, because you approach them.

4.         Set technology aside when you interact with your child

how to reconnect with your child

Believe me, your child will remember for the rest of her life because she was so important to her parents that they turn off their phone to talk to her and listen to her. Even, just little things can draw their attention. For example, turning off music in the car is considered a powerful invitation to connect. Often, the lack of eye contact in a car makes everything more natural and takes the pressure off. Your kids are more likely to open up and share their feeling.

5.         Tell your child it’s okay to feel mad

If your kid tries much to suppress her feeling, the bad thing is that her feeling can intensify and come out in an even more terrible way. Feelings are always a normal part of human, of course, even unhappy ones. Acknowledging it’s normal to have irritated feelings, you let your child know even during tough times, you still love her.

6.         Do something important with them

ways to reconnect with your kids

Arrange time to do some special things with your kids. You can invite them to participate in finishing some important tasks. Generally, kids love joining in “adult” tasks as well as essential duties. Some projects below are suggestions for you to do with your child:

  • Would you like to help me prepare for this dinner?
  • Do you want to help me sort laundry into colors and whites?
  • Can you help me mend this blanket?
  • Would you like to help me water indoor plants?

7.         Get outside with them

I personally love going out with my kids. There are many interesting outsides that you can discover with your children. It’s the connection while you take a nature walk or join in some outdoor activities. Here are some recommendations of my favorite outside activities:

  • Going for a walk
  • Having a picnic
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Collecting leaves, sticks, etc.
  • Cloud watching

8.         Saying sorry when necessary

reconnect with your kids

Admit your mistake and apologize to your kids. Just keep in mind, you are human, after all. And nobody doesn’t make mistakes in their whole life. If you unexpectedly used a frustrated tone with your kid when you were having a problem at work or for any other reason, say sorry to your kids. Show your children that a real adult can actually own up to her mistakes. This will motivate your little one to learn to do the same thing.

Being a parent is challenging but wonderful. Don’t let the hurried life rob you of connecting with your child. There are effective ways that can help you enhance the mother-daughter relationship or rekindle the mother-son bond. It’s never too late to spend quality time with your kids.

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