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Top 10 Punishment Ideas For Kids

Never think of punishment as negative methods to teach your children. It doesn’t not always be yelling at your kids or hurting them. There are smart punishment ideas for kids that help parents effectively discipline children who constantly show disruptive or negative behavior.

smart punishments for kids

Why do parents need smart punishment ideas for kids?

As parents, you will face a lot of problems with your kids. And there will always be certain times when kids test our limits and boundaries. Those are exactly the times you need to apply positive parenting with smart punishment ideas for kids.

If you are growing naughty kids who always make you run around the house for many impossible things, you should put your foot down and be a little strict with them. Try to do that before the children become spoiled. This means you sometimes need to punish your children to discipline them when they have negative behavior.

punishment ideas for kids

Always keep in mind that, we don’t mean that we beat them or yell at them by punishment. Such behaviors even lead to more negative consequences. Improper ways of punishing kids can cause psychological problems in kids, resulting in their low self-esteem, aggression, and stress-related issues in the long run.

However, it is not easy to come up with some punishments that really work.

10 punishment ideas for kids

1.       Exercise

One of the effective punishment ideas for kids is to ask them to exercise. This punishment might be a tad undesirable to your child especially when your child doesn’t like exercising. It will surely teach your kids the consequences of their bad behaviors.

punishments ideas for kids

For example, if the child leaves dirty dishes on the table after being told several times, you can ask them to do 10 squats as a punishment idea. If they have bad behavior in social gatherings or at other public places, make them skip a rope. Gradually, the kids can learn to exercise, which is good for their health. However, you shouldn’t overdo this because it can lead to muscle fatigue in your child.

2.       Make them do chores

There are age-appropriate chores for kids. You can create a list of some popular chores such as drying the dishes, watering the plant, etc. Tell your kids to do these chores if they have negative behaviors. Assign points to each chore. For example, doing dishes can be 30 points, watering plants can be 20 points. If your child loses his control, tell him it’s time to earn points by completing his punishment.

punishment ideas for children

3.       Practice

For kids who have trouble with schoolwork or perform poorly in school tests, this is one of the most suitable punishment ideas. Make sure you will help them get lots of extra practice at home. Print out worksheets and tell your children to work on these. Explain to your child that he needs to practice more to achieve higher marks at school. This helps them learn the subject, even if they need to accept less playtime per day. Your child will feel happy that you help them instead of scolding them.

punishments for kids

4.       Take away technology

Kids today are more and more addicted to technology. We can let them use technology for sometimes, not too much. And that means one of the best punishment ideas for kids is to take away their favorite piece of technology. Whether it is a phone or tablet, stop them using it for a while until he can realize his mistake.

5.       Cancel play dates

Most kids love hanging out with their friends. However, there are times you need to cancel their upcoming play dates to punish them. Your kids will surely feel disappointed. And they, of course, don’t want to repeat this punishment so that they can go out to see their friends.

smart punishments for kids

6.       Early bedtime

Kids tend to play more at night. That’s why they are always trying to delay bedtime, especially during the summer holidays. Sending them to bed early can also be one of the effective punishment ideas for kids. That can help stop your child’s misbehavior as they never want to head to slumber early in the evening.

punishment ideas for kids

7.       Time to stop in their room

Keeping the child in his own room for a period can also be one of the punishment ideas for kids. Believe me, he will quickly be fed up with those four walls. As a result, he will try to act better in the future.

8.       Increase their pet duties

If you have pets in your house, don’t forget this punishment idea for kids. As much as your child loves playing and cuddling their lovely animals, not many kids like the hard parts around pets such as feeding, walking, and cleaning them. You can get your kids to clean out their pet’s hutch or litter tray. You can also tell your kids to take their pets outside for a walk around your garden.

punishment ideas for kids

9.       Make the sibling’s bed

When your child has poor behavior with their sibling, a natural consequence is that she has to do something for her sibling. Tell the kids to make the other’s bed or do her sibling’s chore for the day. The kid that bothers her sibling will not repeat their mistake again.

10.   Tidy up the clutter

One of the creative punishment ideas for kids is to make them tidy up the clutter. This makes sure that your child can tidy up everything after making a mess in his own room or living room. For example, if your child doesn’t tidy up the toys in his room, take those toys away and hide them. Explain to your kid that he doesn’t have the privilege of playing with his toys until he cleans up all himself.

There are various smart punishment ideas for kids that parents should know. If you have any other idea that work for your family, don’t hesitate to share with me in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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