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The 8 Best Nursing Pads Of 2021

There’s a lot about breastfeeding that can be surprising, but don’t let leaks catch you off guard. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite nursing pads to keep you dry.

Types of Breast Pads

Breast pads are available in a range of designs, shapes, and sizes, as well as disposable and reusable options. Others have adhesive strips to keep them in place in your bra and prevent them from moving, while others are contoured to your breast shape.

Disposable Nursing Pads: Disposable nursing pads are meant to be used only once before being discarded. Since they come in a range of shapes and thicknesses, you may want to experiment with a few different brands to see which one you prefer.

Since you won’t have to think about cleaning disposable pads, they’re ideal for going out or traveling. Disposables, on the other hand, will add up over time because you have to keep buying new ones.


Reusable Nursing Pads: Reusable nursing pads are more cost-effective because they can be worn, washed, and reused several times. They’re also good for the environment because you won’t be tossing away countless pads every day (and they won’t end up in a landfill).

You’ll need to buy several pairs because you’ll need to change them often and want to have a few pairs on hand while the others are being washed.

Silicone Nursing Pads: Silicone nursing pads do not absorb liquid. To avoid leakage, they apply gentle pressure to the breast. These pads are made of soft silicone and have a sticky surface that sticks to your breast, allowing you to wear them with or without a bra. They’re frequently used in fancy situations.

Nursing Pads Made at Home: Nursing pads can be made from a range of materials. You could cut disposable diapers or sanitary napkins to fit within your bra, fold a handkerchief or other piece of cotton material and place it over your breasts, or sew a few layers of absorbent material into a circular shape, or some other shape that’s convenient for you.


Stop using fake materials when making your own pads. It’s safer to use 100% cotton fabric because it’s better at absorbing leaks and feels nice against your skin.

Hydrogel Pads: These pads aren’t meant to be used for leakage. They’re commonly used to soothe and heal sore nipples, and they can be put in the refrigerator or freezer for cool relief.


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Why not try a pad that’s practically the Bentley of all choices if you’re new to breastfeeding? The Rebabies organic bamboo breastfeeding pads come with everything you need. Organic bamboo material, which is super absorbent while also being smooth, gentle, and breathable, is used in Rebabies nursing pads to provide ease, comfort, and maximum protection.

Standard and overnight pads are included in each box, as well as a washing bag for quick and easy cleaning. The additional cotton carry bag makes it easy to transport your pads discreetly everywhere you go.

Moms won’t have to worry about itchiness or bugs with these hypoallergenic pads, and the smooth, organic bamboo helps soothe sore nipples and provide maximum comfort.

The pads blend in with every outfit, and as if that weren’t enough, each kit includes a decorative card on which moms can write a note for their babies to read in the future.

Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads for Breastfeeding

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A disposable brand is probably your best choice if you don’t want to think about washing and drying your nursing pads. Disposable doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable, and the Lansinoh Stay Dry Nursing Pads prioritize comfort. This pad has a quilted honeycomb lining that offers excellent leak-proof coverage, as well as a waterproof coating that protects your clothing.

Even when they’re muddy, the contoured form means that you’re relaxed and undetectable. Each pad is individually wrapped and has two adhesive strips on the back to protect it in your bra or nursing tank. Simply dispose of them at the end of each day and move on. ​

NUK Ultra Thin Disposable Nursing Pads

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The NUK Ultra Thin Nursing Pads provide enough absorption to keep you comfortable while remaining super thin, if you want the most minimal coverage possible without being totally bare under there. The pad has a no-show nature that is discreet, and the proprietary MilkLock system is designed to catch all leaks.

The dual-layer structure offers protection without the additional bulk seen in other pads, and the extra lightweight, breathable material reduces the risk of irritation. This product is best for moms who have a light flow or have already developed their milk production and aren’t leaking as much as someone who has just given birth. ​

Medela Nursing Pads, Disposable Breast Pad

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You might need a little extra covering, particularly when your breastmilk first starts to come in. Medela Disposables are made of superabsorbent materials that prevent leakage and keep you dry while remaining undetectable under your clothes.

These cotton and nylon pads are made with an absorbent polymer that will keep you dry, relaxed, and confident as you get used to breastfeeding your baby.

Mother ease Cloth Diapers Nursing Pads

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Mother-Ease cloth nursing pads are a common option among customers because they deliver a lot of benefits, not the least of which is how well they suit big-breasted women. Because of the ultra-soft lining, there will be no dampness, scratching, or sticking, and you will need to change them less often during the day.

Unlike other brands, the contoured form of these pads shifts with the user’s body, so there’s no bunching or slipping around in your bra. The neutral color would also not show by clothes. By wicking moisture away from your skin and keeping you dry while keeping your baby healthy, the eco-friendly, washable, reusable material also helps avoid thrush and yeast. ​

Bamboobies Nursing Pads for Breastfeeding

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Check out the Bamboobies disposable nursing pad collection for all of the on-the-go comfort of other disposable nursing pads with the added advantage of eco-friendliness and sustainability. This product’s bamboo viscose top layer is gentle on the skin and naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Meanwhile, the inner core is ultra-absorbent, keeping you dry and secure during the day. The patented milk-proof backing is highly breathable and helps to protect the protection of sensitive skin.

Contoured Washable Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads

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Mothers who are concerned about the environment may tend to use a reusable pad over a disposable one, and the contoured washable reusable bamboo nursing pads meet their needs. The new and improved EcoNursing Pads have a contoured shape and come with two types of pads in one pack: ultra-soft velvety flower shaped day-sies for daytime use and dense, contoured, organic bamboo for heavier or night-time flow when you go longer between feedings.

These pads are comfortable and super soft, with leak-proof backings and are fully reusable and washable.

Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads For Breastfeeding

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Although most mothers will feel some discomfort when they first begin breastfeeding, those with very sensitive skin should look for a super-soft nursing pad. With over 3,100 stars, the bamboobies washable, reusable nursing pads are a best-selling product for a reason.

The ultra-soft top layer that touches the skin is made of 57 percent bamboo viscose, 23 percent polyester, and 20 percent cotton, saving you money and protecting the world.


Breastfeeding takes time for you and your body to adapt to as a new mother. Diet for breastfeeding moms is as important as choosing suitable nursing pads. The body is not yet capable of controlling the release of breast milk properly when the milk is first produced, so milk can be released unexpectedly. Unwanted milk flow may occur as breastfeeding progresses, resulting in unpleasant milk stains on your clothing. Nursing pads for the bra contain excess breast milk, allowing nursing mothers to avoid these unsightly milk stains. This way, you’ll really be in a good mood! Hope this post is helpful for all the breastfeeding mom! If you’re interested in this useful information, let’s share it to your community and stay tuned for the next post in the future! ​

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