cheap date ideas for couples
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12 Amazing Cheap Date Ideas For Couples On A Budget

Finding creative new date ideas is hard, but finding cheap date ideas for couples on a budget is much harder! Yes, we admit the fact that dates can be expensive these days. However, no worry! The good news is that it doesn’t have to be costly dates all the time. A little creativity combined with some frugality is perfect for you to have something memorable and amazing dates on a quite low budget. Even, they are probably more meaningful than the standard go-to ideas.

cheap date ideas for couples

12 cheap date ideas for couples on a budget

1. Cook together

Do you agree with me that the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach? And I believe that cooking can be a fun and lovely way to spend an evening together. This is an opportunity for you two to teach each other’s skills in the kitchen. Also, you can create something delicious together. For the best experience, don’t stick the other with all the dirty dishes.

date ideas for couple

Even if you are not good at cooking, both of you can try out a new dish that can result in lots of laughs. That sounds interesting, right?

2. Movie night 

date ideas for couple

No need to go to the cinema with expensive tickets for a new film. A good old-fashioned movie night can still be the best thing for a perfect night together. Not only is it money-saving, but the ideal also keeps you from dealing with any other people, especially during this sensitive time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides, you can customize your cheap store-bought popcorn as well as other snacks in the wonderful way you like.

3. Coffee time 

fun date ideas for couple

Coffee at home? Can it be fun? Of course! Drinking hot coffee with your lover at home is such a good idea. Prepare some coffee in your house and also don’t forget some lovely mugs for it. Some funny coffee mugs such as the Good Morning Nice Butt Mug from Tshirt At Low Price will truly make your date more interesting. 

4. Game night

date ideas

Currently, you can find different games that are really cool and fun. And there is no doubt that playing games at home is one of the best cheap date ideas for couples.

5. Massage

date ideas for couples at cheap price

Regardless of the situation, home massages are always one of the perfect cheap date ideas for couples. Not to mention, this massage method is much cheaper than going to a spa. All you need to prepare is a towel and some oil. Also, you will be getting massaged by your loved one, which is far less awkward than being with a stranger. You will feel much more comfortable when not having to try to hide natural bodily functions from.

6. Farmer markets

date ideas for couples

If both of you are loyal fans of fresh food, the farmer’s market can be a good choice for a fantastic date. Coming there, you can comfortably pick out the best fruits and vegetables at a much cheaper price than at the supermarket. 

7. Hike 

date ideas for couples

Hiking would make one of the greatest cheap ideas for couples that have a burning desire to discover new things. Both free and healthy, hiking should be the perfect way for both of you to see some lovely sites together as well as get those endorphins flowing.

You can also go sightseeing around the city and stop at the places where you often pass but never go into. Be the tourists for your date. This will be memorable.

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8. Bike ride

couples date ideas

Just as fun and romantic as hiking, but this time you choose to date on wheels. Take a ride along the lake or beach near your house. If you love going a long way, you may choose to ride through the hill or mountains. However, make sure both of you are fit enough to ride such a long journey.

9. Skating

couples date ideas at cheap prices

While ice skating is traditionally a date option, what I mean here is the roller skating rink. Awaken your inner child by spending an afternoon at the rink making fools of yourself. This will surely be a fun time when you laugh at each other. Also, you can get to see some children fall down, which reminds you of your childhood.

10. Learn a new activity together

date ideas for couples

You can take part in a dance or photography class. Share with the other one your experience and have memorable moments together.

11. Go on a picnic

date ideas for couples

This is a wonderful but often overlooked date option. All you need to do is to pack up your picnic basket, your favorite foods, prepare a bottle of wine, and select a great spot. To make your date more exciting, don’t forget to choose an ethnic cuisine, or try a moonlight picnic.

12. Go to the beach

cheap date ideas for couples

This only works as one of the cheap date ideas for couples if you happen to live near the beach. On weekends, you can spend the day enjoying the sun, surf and walk along the beach with your partner. You can even pack lunch to cut down on costs for your date.

You are among so many cheap date ideas for couples. Choosing which option to try depends on your interests, budget, and location. And always keep this in mind, whether you are 20 or 60, dating should always be fun!

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