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When raising children, in addition to words of instruction, parents should give their children encouraging words for their children to overcome difficulties in life. Words of love are always the most effective way to mentally encourage young children. Praise and encouragement are one of the most effective ways to motivate children to progress. Each child has a desire to be valued by parents and teachers. This article will suggest 9 things that you can say to boost your child’s spirits.

1. You are very brave

positive affirmations to say to your kids

When the child is faced with difficulties and challenges, the parents should always be there and encourage them, giving them more confidence in themselves that they are very brave and they can do it. This saying is applied in cases like before school exams or when taking your children to the doctor … Parents should know to encourage them, especially for shy kids, this praise is really important, then your children will be confident in themselves and there will be real brave actions.

2. You have tried and that is the best thing

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With any child’s job, parents often expect a lot of results that their children achieve, so it is easy to be disappointed when children do not do as their expectations. Do you find yourself often saying to your children: “You have to try harder!”, “Because I can’t focus yet, so I can’t do it”, “This is easy, friend A has done it for a long time” when the child has not completed something. Instead, encourage them because they have tried and been a better version of themselves.

3. Thank you

Adults are often carefree and forget to say thank you to their own children when they have done a good job or simply helping you with daily housekeeping. Parents should say thank you to their children when they help with something even very small.

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This quote will teach your child about politeness and courtesy. When you grow up, thank you is a measure of your maturity. Because I have grown up, I know how to cherish those with me or quietly help me every day.

4. How did you do that?

When children can do anything, they want to share and “tell their achievements” with their parents. “How did you do that?” Not only stimulates memory for the baby to describe the daily tasks, but also proves that you admire and care for your baby.

This statement is a bond that connects parents’ love and concern with their children each day. Sometimes just a statement is suggestive, parents and children will have moments filled with laughter together.

5. Everything will be fine

Everything will be fine 5

“Everything will be fine” is also a powerful sentence for children. However, parents need to pay attention to when to say this sentence. Do not talk when children are expressing real concern because of this, they feel that their parents are only talking in tears. Instead, adults need to listen to understand what a child is having problems with, what to worry about, share it, find ways to solve it, and then encourage them to everything will be fine.

6. We are always with you

Parents cannot follow their children 24/24, sometimes you may have jobs that must be temporarily away from home for a while. Or there are situations where your child has to face alone, he or she needs to find ways to overcome difficulties and grow up gradually.

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Parents will be a great source of encouragement for children when they always feel the presence, a sense of security, and peace of mind when thinking about you. Tell your child “Mom and Dad are always with you”, is a seemingly simple sentence but has tremendous power to help children get rid of their self-esteem and become stronger mentally.

7. Please try your best

In any case, teach your children perseverance and patience. Instead of leaving your children to do whatever they do, whatever you do, you should encourage them to do their best. Because when the baby develops all its abilities, the results will be good and meaningful. “You should do your best” is not only advice but also energizes children to orient their goals and strive to achieve them excellently.

8. We always believe in you

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Children sometimes also encounter dozens of problems and misunderstandings with friends and teachers. At that time, your child’s young soul will be hurt and feel like everyone around you is turning their back on yourself. His trust by this statement. That will be a great encouragement to help you overcome the stumbles and mistakes to continue to fulfill your dreams as well as go in the right direction in your life.

9. You should never give up

As children, children also have their own sorrows. They will feel depressed and have negative thoughts when they are criticized or ridiculed by their parents or friends. Sometimes the test results were not good, they couldn’t play a good sport or the performance they played with my friends got bad …

All the failures make them weak, feel overwhelmed and want to give up. At that time, parents should motivate their children by saying “You should never give up” with open-minded suggestions, guiding children to overcome difficulties so that they can be more confident in themselves.

10. We love you

Finally, love not only shows through actions, but also needs direct words to let children understand how much their parents love them. A child growing up with the belief that he is loved will always feel happy and confident.

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Love and caring and sharing can create great motivation for both the giver and the receiver. In everyday life, it is really necessary to have a peaceful mind and good treatment as well as words of encouragement to all people, especially children. Give your child the love filled with words and actions, this is the foundation for your baby to grow up with a kind heart and a positive way of life.


Praising children’s strengths and achievements is to satisfy this mentality, causing them to develop a feeling of honor and pride in their hearts. When children are praised and encouraged, they will make more efforts, put more effort into learning, and work better. Praise and encouragement are cool drops, warm rays of sunshine watering baths to warm up the growth process of children. Parents often say encouraging words to children, which will help children develop better and be confident in life, and help children quickly develop comprehensively in the best way.

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