6 Active Outdoor Games For Your Kids

It is critical to get your children off the couch and outside for their physical and mental health. It not only allows them to get the exercise their bodies require, but it also allows them to let off steam, release excess energy, and simply have fun.

Play is crucial to a child’s development, according to research. However, playing the same game over and over can quickly become tedious. This is when these outdoor games for kids to keep them active come in handy.


If you think back to your youth, I’m sure you’ve played a few games of tag. If you liked it when you were a kid, your kids will love it today.

A nice game of old-fashioned tag is excellent for your children since it teaches them to respond fast while also providing them with some excellent exercise. Tag, like other outdoor game ideas, is more enjoyable when played with a group, but it can also be played with just one or two children, making it ideal for both large and small families.

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Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is an excellent approach to help your children develop deductive thinking abilities while also getting them some exercise. Make sure your children have a safe space to play with plenty of hiding spots.


Consider allowing your older kids or adolescents play at night with flashlights to tag someone if you truly want to boost the skill level. The rules are the same while playing by flashlight, with one exception: instead of getting physically tagged when someone discovers you, the person who is “it” must tag you with their flashlight beam.

Red Rover

If you have a bunch of youngsters, play a game of Red Rover with them. Are you familiar with this one?


The kids form a line, elbows linked. “Red Rover, Red Rover, send insert a name here right over,” they shout. The individual who has been called out then rushes over, attempting to break the chain. They’ll stay in the game if they do. If they don’t, they’ll be kicked out. This game is designed for younger children, but it may also be enjoyed by older children.

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee, often known as Frisbee Golf, is a terrific method to get your kids outside and playing a game. The beauty of frisbee is that it deviates from the usual and may be played in a variety of ways.


Play a typical game of Frisbee to keep things simple. Play Frisbee golf to mix things up! Many local parks now feature Frisbee Golf courses, but if yours doesn’t, purchasing a Frisbee Golf set might enable you put one up in your own backyard provided you have space.



There’s a reason baseball is considered as “America’s national pastime.” On a hot spring or summer day, nothing beats a game of baseball or softball! It’s also a great way to get your kids off the sofa and outside! The beautiful thing about backyard baseball is that you don’t really need any extra equipment. You only need a baseball and a bat to get started! You may use anything as bases, but if you want something more real, baseball bases may be purchased.

Touch Football

Baseball and touch football have a lot in common. It’s entertaining, it’s a wonderful kind of exercise, and it doesn’t take much to play. While football may be a physically demanding sport, practicing touch or flag football helps to reduce hostility. All you’ll need is an American football, some flags or hankies, and a big field.


This is a good concept for older kids or adolescents because American football can be rather rough. After all, no one wants a child to be injured by accident.


Finally, while this list of outdoor activities for kids is fantastic, children are so inventive and inventive that they don’t necessarily require a structured game to have a good time.

The most important thing is that kids are playing outside, receiving the necessary fresh air and exercise. Whether it’s an organized game like the one described above or simply picking up a stick and pretending to play with it. The most essential aspect of play is the game itself, not the manner of play.

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