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Top 14 hot date ideas for a summer romance

This summer, it’s not just the kids who should be enjoying a good time. Mom and dad, too, are entitled to some fun!

Every pair need a parent’s date night (or day) to unwind and reconnect.
Make the most of the nicer weather by arranging an outside activity!

Are you a little rusty when it comes to dates? There is no need to be concerned. We’ve compiled a list of a dozen romantic ideas to get you started.

So fetch the babysitter, grab your spouse, and get ready for some summer love with these fun date ideas.

Enjoy a Picnic


A romantic lunch in the park or on the beach epitomizes summer. For true romantic cred, do the conventional approach. Bring a checkered blanket, an old-fashioned picnic basket, and plenty of wine and snacks to share. Prepare to cozy up and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Get some ice cream.

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The enjoyment doesn’t have to be limited to children. Grab your favorite grown-up and head to your neighborhood ice cream shop for a delicious date you’ll both enjoy.

Sprinkles are a nice touch.

Food Truck Fun

Do you want grilled cheese, BBQ, tacos, dumplings, or all of the above from a food truck? With a fun food truck date, you can get your feed on!


Food truck evenings or events are held in most places where you may taste all of the local delicacies.

To find food trucks near you, use a free app like Roaming Hunger or Street Food Finder.

Movies in the Park

Here’s another one of our sizzling date suggestions…
Why not head to a local outdoor movie night with a blanket, a candle, and some summer cocktails?


You may snuggle up under the stars and enjoy a vintage film.

Summer movie screenings are held in parks and other outdoor settings around many cities. Find an outdoor cinema event near you by looking through your local city listings.

Wine Tasting in the Summer


Why not undertake a summer wine tasting at a local winery or wine shop

You may drink champagne or a rose, which are both chilly and pleasant.

A summer day spent flirting with your sweetheart over a glass of bubbly is ideal.

Rent A Tandem Bike


If you want to have a more active date, go to a nearby bike store and hire a two-person bicycle.

On a charming tandem bike, ride around town or along the beach with your spouse. Spend quality time with your loved one while also burning some calories.

Cool Massages


Consider this… A sexy rubdown from the person you love, an empty house, a full ice cube tray, fragrant massage oil, and a sensual rubdown from the person you love.

Take turns massaging each other and let the relaxation to pervade every muscle.

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Berry Picking


During the summer, several local farms allow you to come in and pick your own berries. Why not spend an afternoon deciding which one you like best?

The greatest part is that you may end the evening by sharing a delicious, romantic dessert made from the berries you selected yourself.

Shortcake with strawberries? Cobbler with boysenberries? Please, yes!

Grown-Up Game Night


Here’s one of our favorite sweltering date suggestions. If you have the house to yourself, take advantage of it by hosting an adult game night.

Light some candles, drink a glass of wine, and play an adult-style card or board game.

You may play Talk, Flirt, Dare, a (somewhat) racy box card game. Alternatively, stick to adult classics like strip poker.

You may even take a standard game and add your own spicy rules, such as requiring the loser to kiss the winner anywhere they wish. Who says Monopoly can’t be used as a form of foreplay?

Romantic Sunset and Stargazing


Set out a blanket in a peaceful area with a view and watch the sunset. Make a wish together once the stars come out.

You may also use a star app to look for constellations and identify them.

Between stargazing, feel free to engage in a little kissing.

Go Kayaking


Why not spice up your dating life with a little adventure? If you live near a lake, river, or ocean… Rent some kayaks and head out on the water with your friends!

You’ll have a good time and come away with some wonderful stories to tell.

If the weather isn’t too choppy, carry a small bottle of wine in a mason jar. You can spend the afternoon paddling and sipping.

Hit Up A Hotel 


Many posh hotels and spas provide day permits to their pool areas for a reasonable price.

Why not spend a leisurely, peaceful day by the pool with your significant other?

On a hot summer day, it’s a romantic way for the two of you to remain cool.

Make An Outdoor Brunch Date

Arrive early to a restaurant to secure a patio table, preferably one with a spectacular view.

Alternatively, if you want to remain in, prepare your own mimosas and coffee.

Dine al fresco by setting up a table outside. You can even wear your favorite pajamas.

Outdoor Concerts


During the summer, many cities have outdoor concerts at parks, beaches, museums, and other cool locations.

You are welcome to bring your own food and wine to many events. Plus, under the sky, you can appreciate how amazing live music sounds.

In your city or county, search for “outside summer concerts.” Some of the amazing choices you uncover might surprise you!


Have any of our hot date ideas piqued your interest? We certainly hope so!

This week, give one a try and rekindle your summer romance with your lover. You’ll be happy you did!

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