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Best Virtual Happy Hour Ideas for Moms

Everyone needs a break again and then, but social alienation has made this increasingly difficult. You spend most of your time at home with your family, which means you’re always in mom mode. Being there for your children sometimes means putting your own needs on the back burner, but you don’t have to feel that way for much longer.

It’s a great time to meet up with your other mom friends after your kids have gone to bed for the night or have been occupied by a movie. Instead of texting or making a conventional phone call, add a few cocktails to the mix to assist everyone have a good time.


Take a look at these suggestions for hosting a virtual mother happy hour with pals. With a little additional planning, you can turn your next video conference into a party where everyone can unwind and enjoy themselves.

Review the Video Chat Instructions

When it comes to video communication, there are several platforms to select from. Look into Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts, to name a few. You may already have the necessary equipment, such as FaceTiming on your Macbook or a Google account for Hangouts. It’s time to go over the directions with your buddies after you’ve found one you like.

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Make sure everyone knows how to answer a video call and modify their volume, backdrop, or whatever else the platform requires, even if you believe your buddies are computer savvy. It will save the group from wasting their happy hour attempting to fix the phone rather than enjoying the chat.

Create Virtual Invitations

If you were throwing an in-person party, you’d send out save-the-date and RSVP invites to everyone. By sending out email invitations, you may do the same for your virtual happy hour. Make a mental note of crucial details such as:

  • Your video platform of choice
  • If necessary, any invite codes
  • Time for happy hour to begin
  • Everyone would enjoy having the necessary information written down so they can plan for the event or send you an email if they are unable to attend.

Make New Drinks

A glass of wine or a bottle of your favorite beer can be enjoyed at any time, but happy hour should be special. Find fresh cocktail recipes that you believe your guests would love before the party. You may try a strawberry gin and tonic as a spin on an old classic. Make a splash with something fresh, like a Pyrat summer tea.

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You could even develop a menu and include it with your invitation so that everyone may make beverages from the same recipes.

Find Happy Hour Specials


You’d definitely get appetizers to go with your beverages if you could meet up with your buddies in a restaurant or pub. At home, anyone may simply accomplish the same thing. Make a list of your favorite restaurants and look up their happy hour deals to order with your buddies.

Decide on a Theme

Decide on a theme if you want to take your happy hour to the next level. You might organize a trivia contest or have everyone dress up for a ’80s night. Take a poll of your pals to discover what they favor, and then go all out.

Host a book club

Now is the time to read. Pick a book and call your friends once a week to talk about it. “Which character in this book would you most like to meet?” you may ask. “What questions did you have when reading this week’s chapter?” or “What questions did you have while reading this week’s chapter?”

Make it a game night


Your regular gaming nights don’t have to come to an end. Play a game like Charades, Pictionary, or Heads Up that requires very little equipment. You may also keep your trivia skills sharp by playing an online quiz game like You Don’t Know About Jack.

Play a drinking game

If you don’t feel like playing an online board game or a trivia contest, try a drinking game instead (they tend to be easier). For games that will keep you and your pals laughing all night, try Drunk Pirate or an app like 5 Second Rule, Never Have I Ever, or Picolo.

Choose a theme


Every party is more enjoyable when it has a theme. Get everyone out of their pajamas and into something creative. You could do something ridiculous, such as throw a Wild West party or a spring Halloween party, or just encourage everyone to dress up like they would for a night out. Putting on a beautiful top (or simply a comfortable garment) may do wonders for your mood.

Do a Youtube makeup tutorial


If your friends all like cosmetics, set a challenge for them to all complete the same YouTube beauty instruction at the same time. You can go for the wildest appearance you can find because you won’t be leaving the house thereafter. When you’re through, vote on who’s imitation looks the most like the real thing (or who put the most creative spin on it).

“Visit” a museum

If you haven’t visited a museum in a while, now is the time to do it. Many museums have put their exhibitions online due of social distance. While touring one and discussing your discoveries, you and your buddies can share a screen. The Sistine Chapel, the Louvre, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are all taking part.

Watch a movie


Invite pals to join you on your Netflix and relax session. Netflix Party, for example, allows you to sync your video playing so that a movie pauses and resumes on everyone’s screen at the same time.

Make some art


Grab some crayons, markers, colored pencils, or any other art tools you have on hand and create a project while video chatting with your pals. You may all work on the same project (imagine a virtual wine and paint night) or you can all work on separate projects while chatting.

Ask each other questions

Make the most of your free time at home by getting to know your pals better. Simply search up a list of interesting conversation starters, pour a drink, and take turns giving your responses.

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