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Top 5 Must-watch TED Talks For Parents That Make You Better

I love watching TED talks as these videos provide me with a lot of useful information. One of my favorite topics to search on YouTube are TED Talks for parents. And that’s why I will share with you right now 5 must-watch TED Talks that parents should consider. You know, this parenting gig is never an easy task and it’s nice to know we aren’t alone in this journey.

ted talks for parents

TED talks for parents: Rita Pierson- Every kid needs a champion

Rita has been working as a teacher for more than 45 years. This TED talk from the teacher attracts more than 4 million views on Youtube. The main content that this video conveys is a brilliant insight into the importance of connections and relationships between children and their educators. It is: Kids don’t learn from people they don’t like.

From her point of view, we can conclude that the role of teachers in our children’s lives is so powerful. It would be so great to have a teacher who believes in our children. They are those who don’t just dismiss them and push them to the side.

TED talks for parents: Jennifer Senior – For Parent, Happiness is a very high bar

The combination of parenting and anxiety is something that many of us know all too well. There is no manual on how to raise children properly. It means the idea of raising children to some standard that is not determined is quite stressful. If you are a young mom, you can try reading tips for young mothers to get more information about this.

This talk is a big encouragement for parents. It is like a big hug of “you’re doing okay mama”. Before seeing this video on Youtube, I was often in a bad mood as sometimes I felt stressed with my life. That was exactly the time I can’t solve problems with my children and make them even worse. Gradually, I realize that I should calm down to deal with everything and of course, not all are perfect. What I can do is try my best. I do love this talk.

TED talks for parents: Roberto D’Angelo&Francesca Fedeli: In Our Baby’s Illness, A Life Lesson

Who doesn’t worry when their children get sick? It is clear that when it comes to parenting challenges, dealing with a child’s serious illness is one of the most difficult.
I related so much to the part where they talk that they felt like failures as parents. At that moment, I felt the same way when my daughter feels sick and it took nearly a month for her to recover. During that terrible time, I always wondered what was it that I missed? What was it that I did wrong? And I am attracted by how they adapted and pushed forward their challenges.

TED talks for parents: Sarah Kay – If I should have a daughter

Well, it is such a beautiful talk that starts with an incredible spoken word poem. I believe that this talk will get you thinking about what we want for our children in this world.
In this video, I love the way Sarah talks about breaking down the walls of communication with her students (particularly teenagers). Those students feel as though they have nothing to say, but with Sarah’s methods, she actually finds they can open up and share their thoughts.

TED talks for parents: Adora Svital – What adults can learn from kids

This is one of my most favorite TED talks for parents. And I was so impressed with the performance of the 12-year-old girl in this video. In this talk, Adora challenges learning to be a two-way street, where children learn from adults and especially, adults learn from children.
She expresses how children don’t see obstacles like adults do and therefore, their scope of possibilities is much wider. It is a great reminder for us when we keep saying “you can’t do that” to our children.

I believe that these 5 TED talks for parents will be helpful to you. Try watching these videos and always feel free to leave a comment if you have any comments on my blog. I’m really happy to receive all your feedback so that I can do better in my next blog. Finally, thanks for your attention and don’t forget to follow me in my next sharing!

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