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15 Best Family Camping Hacks & Tips For Your Perfect Vacation

Hello. This is Jessica and today I’m going to share with you a very new topic – family camping hacks. Family camping is a wonderful outdoor activity but this can include a lot of work to do which sometimes makes us quite tired after the trip. These 15 family camping hacks below will surely let your camping easier and more enjoyable. Let’s see and from now on, apply these tips for your upcoming family camping.

family camping hacks

Why should you try these family camping hacks?

Camping is usually regarded as an escape from the busyness of our lives that takes us on adventures in many beautiful outdoors. It’s exactly where we can disconnect from technology and reconnect with Mother Nature.

Usually, people prefer going camping instead of some long journeys on weekend. One of the main reasons is because people don’t have too much time for a long trip. They suppose that camping is both time-saving and money-saving. However, this is only true when you could find the best camping hacks for your family camping. Using suitable camping tips will allow you to have more fun while tent camping, car camping, and general family camping.

15 useful family camping hacks & tips

To ensure you will get to experience the summer camping of your dreams, I’ve put together here 15 family camping hacks. And if you have any ideas of other camping hacks or tips, please let us know.

1. Use glow sticks as nightlights

family camping hacks glow sticks

In case you realize that it’s not convenient to bring nightlights with you to go camping, you can use glow stick. This is one of the best camping hacks that our kids love. Glow stick would certainly be a great way to provide a little light that is not too bright for sleeping in your tent.

You just need to hang one or two in your tent. That’s all to get just enough light to see if you need to get up in the middle of the night.

2. Prepare dry firewood for camping

family camping hacks prepare firewood

Some people are subjective when going camping. They don’t even bring dry firewood for their camping trip as they suppose it’s easy to find dry wood in their camping area. However, we don’t agree with this. To save time, we highly recommend that you should prepare some dry firewood in advance. And it’s a good idea to place firewood under your car so that it will remain dry when it rains.

As you know, nothing is worse than waking up on a cold morning but not having any dry wood to start a fire. Keeping wood under your care will make sure it is always dry and ready to use for your next fire.

3. Use fans inside your tent

bring fans family camping hacks

Heat can be a big problem when you go camping in warm weather. One more great camping guide is to use a couple of tent fans. These fans will make your sleeping a lot more pleasant. There are various types of fans available in the current market. However, we suggest that you should look for some that are in small sizes so that it will be much easier to bring in your camping

4. Arrive before dark

family camping hacks arrive before dark

This is one of the most popular camping tips for many campers. Arriving at your campsite before dark with make things easier. If you used to get to your campsite at night, you might know how hard it is when you try to set up a tent and other necessities in the dark. And it is a good idea to plan and arrive at least 2 hours before sunset. It will provide you enough time to set up your gear and get settled before it gets too dark.

5. Remove large objects on your tent site

family camping hacks remove large objects

I used to have some unpleasant experiences with large objects on our family’s tent site on our camping trip two years ago. And my advice is, don’t forget to remove large objects like pinecones, sticks, rocks, etc to have a flat area to sleep. While removing those objects, I usually want to keep a layer of pine needles (if you are camping in the pines) under the tent. It provides a thin layer of cushioning that can makes things a little more comfortable.

6. DIY Camp shower

DIY camp shower family camping hacks

Well, I admit that this is one of my favorite camping hacks because it is super convenient. Yes, you can create your own camp shower/washing station. Use a 2-gallon sprayer that is attached to the kitchen sprayer. You can think of painting it flat black to absorb solar heat. This method is a lot cheaper than buying a real camping shower. Also, this will make it easier to get kids clean after a long day of playing.

7. Solar-powered string lights

Solar-powered string lights family camping hacksIf you don’t love glow sticks then a solar-powered string of lights is also among great camping hacks to light up your campsite or tent in the evening. You don’t have to worry about having access to electricity or bringing extra batteries, which is inconvenient. Personally, this set of lights has worked well for us during our last trip.

8. Bring a rug for the inside and outside of the tent

rugs family camping hacks

One of the irritating issues when camping is dirt. If you are looking for some methods to cut down the amount of dirt that ends up in your tent, bring a rug for both the inside and outside of your tent. Simply wiping your feed before and after getting in your tent will help control the dust and dirt in your content.

9. Freeze gallons of water to use in your ice chest

best family camping hacks

Instead of buying a bag of ice to put in your cooler, you can freeze a gallon or two of water and then place it in your cooler. This method will last longer than a normal bag of ice. Also, it will not fill up your cooler with water, and you can have a gallon of water to drink once it melts. Great, right?

10. Lots of bug repellent

best family camping hacks

It’s never an interesting experience when having to deal with mosquitoes as well as other insects. Remember to bring enough bug and insect repellent for your entire camping. Additionally, you can consider bringing a few insect traps inside your tent and around your campsite. This will ensure a mosquito-free area, which is ideal for an eating or a general gathering area.

11. Do not forget the sunscreen

sunscreen for family camping hacks

Protecting your child is one of the key tips for young mothers. And nothing is worse than dealing with a sunburn of kids. While going camping, kids will be playing out in the sun most of the day. Among essential family camping hacks, using sunblock throughout the day can prevent sunburns as well as eliminate kid’s complaining when they get some sunburns. You will find that there are a lot of sunscreen products on the market. However, try to choose the one that is suitable for your child’s skin to ensure there will be no allergy while using the product.

12. Bubbles for kids

bubbles for kids for family camping hacks

Preparing bubbles for kids is one of the great family camping hacks that will entertain younger kids. Children can spend a long time blowing bubbles and chasing them. For slightly older children, you can choose a larger bubble maker because they tend to have more fun with them.

13. Use a screened-in canopy as a play area

family camping hacks

We should invest in a screened-in canopy as a play area for babies, toddlers and younger children. This helps keep them from wandering off and keep the insects away. Also, these family camping hacks can be used as a great bug-free eating area when the kids are not playing in them.

14. Ensure you have extra blankets

family camping hacks
Getting extra blankets is useful. You can use them when it is cold and your children need an extra layer to stay warm. Besides, laying out a blanket for a picnic is also exciting. Although it might not seem like a special idea, you will be surprised how helpful the extra blankets are. It is among the best family camping hacks you should consider.

15. Baby wipes are not just for babies

family camping hacks

Don’t forget to put this into your must-use family camping hacks! Baby wipes are not just for babies, they are for all. When going camping, you will be surprised how useful they are for a lot of things you will end up using them for. Things and kids often get dirty on the campsite and baby wipes will help you manage that dirt. Also, they will keep kids at least moderately clean.

Let’s become happy campers with the support of my family camping hacks. And don’t hesitate to share with us if you have any other interesting ideas. Have you got any plan for your next camping? Feel free to ask us if you need any advice or experience. Thank and see you in my next blog!

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