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10 Best Places To Visit In The USA Once In A Lifetime

Traveling with our family would be a perfect experience and you must know the best places to visit in the USA for your next trip. If you are stuck on finding the best places to go in our country, let me help you. This post is going to share with you 10 once in lifetime USA destinations. Hopefully, my suggestions are helpful to you.

The best places to visit in the USA never let you down

There is no doubt that the United States is a beautiful country with many attractive landscapes. And it would be great if you can save all the best memories with your family in lovely pictures taken in the best USA destinations. I’ve put together here a list of the 10 best places to visit in the USA from coast-to-coast in our country.

You will see all the best destinations, from the tallest mountains to the most beautiful lakes the country offer. Let’s get to it and this our USA bucket list will never let you down.

Top 20 best places to visit in the USA

1. Yosemite National Park

best best places to visit in the USA

Yosemite National Park is known as California’s best National Park and also the best park in the entire USA. Arriving here, you will have a chance to see the El Capitan – an enormous and beautiful rock face at the center of the park. The granite blocks are approximately 3000 feet long from their lowest to the highest peak. This explains why some famous movies like Free Solo and The Dawn Wall were filmed here in Yosemite.

Besides, hiking in Yosemite is also top-notch. El Capitan is one of the world’s favorite challenges for rock climbers and BASE jumpers.

2. Havasupai Falls

best places to visit in the USA

If you are searching for some wonderful waterfall as the best places to visit in the USA, you should take Havasupai Falls into consideration. The Havasupai Reservation, located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, is home to Havasu Creek and one of the 3 most incredible waterfalls on the planet.

Amidst the enormous red rocks of the Grand Canyon, the river flows an icy blue that is colored by lime deposits upstream. When Havasu Creek flows through the rocks it comes to a 100-foot drop into a crystal pool below. And this is Havasu Falls. Just a mile downstream, you can also find an equally beautiful 200-foot waterfall that is Mooney Falls.

3 miles further is Beaver Falls, a cascading set of stunning waterfall and swimming areas regarded as heaven on Earth. Highly recommend you book a reservation to visit Havasupai. You will have about a 3-day camping trip to this place, but surely that will be entirely unforgettable.

3. Kauai

best places to visit in the USA

Well, needless to say much, Kauai, Hawaii is the most adventurous of the Hawaiian islands. Here, the Na Pali Coast is so breathtaking. You can visit this area of Kauai on a boat excursion, on helicopter tours, or on a hike. Jurassic Park was filmed because the island is completely stunning the entire way around. If you are looking for a memorable adventure to immerse yourself in Hawaiian life, consider Wailua and Waimea.
In the Princeville area, you can also relax and put your feet up, enjoy the pretty rocky coastline on the north side of the island. In addition, don’t forget to stop over in Maui if you do visit Kauai.

4. Great Smoky Mountains

best places to visit in the USA
Great Smoke Mountains is located on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. It is known as one of the most popular National Parks in the USA. With awesome hikes like Mount Cammerer Abrams Falls, hiking in here will certainly be the number 1 outdoor activity.

On top of the hiking, you can also choose to drive through the center of the park. And you will be attracted by the beauty of the 11 mile Cades Cove loop because this place allows you to see the stunning scenery of the park while keeping your eyes peeled for wildlife.
At night, you can stargaze under the enormous sky to see the beauty of deep space above you after enjoying yourself in nearby Gatlinburg.

5. Glacier National Park

best places to visit in the USA
Don’t forget to add this beautiful national park to the best places to visit in the USA. It is just impossible. It can be said that hiking in Glacier National Park is more wonderful than at any national park in the world.
Let’s visit Glacier in Spring, Summer, or Fall to enjoy the year-round beauty that can only be present in this perfect corner of Northern Montana. You will be surprised when coming here as the wildlife in Glacier including bears, moose, elk, goats, and deer will astound you.

6. Upper Peninsula, Michigan

best places to visit in the USA
This will certainly be a perfect place for a road trip. And of course, your USA bucket list would never be complete without a trip to the wilderness of the Upper Peninsula. I highly recommend you should visit here at least once. The unique lighthouses, coastal towns, hikes, or beaches along the way will bring you an incredible experience. This place deserves to be one of the best places to visit in the USA.

7. Seattle & Cascades

best places to visit in the USA
One more among the best places to visit in the USA is the Cascades Moutain Range. The Cascades Mountain Range and National Park are located outside Seattle. The tandem of these two locations creates a wonderful United States bucket list adventure. Hiking and Camping in Tuck and Robin Lake is an exciting experience. You will have chances to explore many things here, enjoy so many delicious coffee locales including original Starbucks. Hiking around Seattle is surprising, with 3 beautiful hikes located just 3 miles from the city. They are Poo Poo Point, Rattlesnake Ledge, and Snoqualmie Falls.

8. Alaskan coast

best places to visit in the USA

This is the last frontier. Interior Alaska is home to a wide range of wilderness parks such as Denali and Wrangell-St Elias Nationals Park. It is also known as one of the best places to visit in the USA.

9. White Sands New Mexico

best places to visit in the USA

One more of the best places to visit in the USA is White Sands New Mexico. This place is located in the heart of New Mexico. It is a sight, unlike anything you can find in the USA. The park is a breathtaking site, add bright white powdery sand dunes stretch out for miles in every direction.

10. Florida Keys

best place to visit in the USA

The Florida Keys are considered a wonderful set of islands that are located off the southern tip of Florida, just 90 minutes from Miami. Add this place to your list of the best places to visit in the USA.

Along the drive through the Keys, you will have a chance to go over incredibly long bridges, one that is 7 miles long, over bright blue tropical waters. Here, Key West and Key Largo are excellent fishing and snorkeling USA destinations. In addition, along the way are tarpon feeding at Robbie’s and excellent beaches on each and every island.

I hope that your next vacation with the family will always full of the best memories when you refer to the best places to visit in the USA of my blog and go for them. Should you love finding some camping hacks or other outdoor activities for your holiday, just share with me and Jessica is ready to support you.

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