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Perfect Dog Camping Checklist – 9 Things You Need To Know

Camping is better with dogs and we should have a dog camping checklist. Have you got one? If not, don’t worry. In this blog, I’m going to share with you 9 most basic items to bring with during a camping with your dog. 

Creating a dog camping checklist is important 

create dog camping checklist

It is necessary for you to update the best family camping hacks on your next trip. However, if you are going to have camping with your dogs, things seem to be more complicated. And this emphasizes the importance of creating a specific dog camping checklist.

I believe that dog lovers will surely want to bring their dogs with them on a camping trip or even holidays. Dogs have a way of reminding you to savor the small joys, to take in your surroundings one sense at a time, slow down, speed up. 

Just like any other adventure, camping with your dogs requires some planning that includes a specific dog camping checklist. To make the most out of it and make this upcoming an enjoyable experience for all, please note there are some key items you shouldn’t leave home without.

9 things to put in a dog camping checklist

1. Food

Of course, besides preparing our food, we need to bring food for our dogs. However, just keep in mind that feeding at camp is a little bit different from feeding at home. Estimate food for dogs when packing food by asking yourself how different your dog’s activity level is going to be.

food in dog camping checklist

Are you going to do a lot of hiking for some days straight? Often, on a weekday, when you are working 8 hours, your dog will burn more energy than usual. It means the dog needs more sustenance. That’s why in my dog camping checklist, I always note to bring about double the normal amount of food for my dog, just in case.

I deeply understand that how you feed your dog is your personal choice. I won’t try to convince you that my method is better than whatever you do. Only you can decide what’s best for your pet. However, this is my own experience and I hope it may be useful for you. At home, I feed a combination of high protein grain-free kibble and a raw diet. So, I choose to do the same at the campsite.

Highly recommend you prepare dehydrated raw because it’s jam-packed with protein and nutrients that your dog needs to thrive. Also, it is convenient because this kind of food is super light and a whole lot easier to bring camping.

2. Food & Water Bowls

dog camping checklist food bowls
What if you bring enough food for your dogs but forget food & water bowls? How inconvenient it is! So, make sure to bring enough bowls to feed your dogs and a bowl or two to leave around the campsite for water. Hydration is super vital, especially when you spend most of your time outside in the sun. I prefer using collapsible bowls as they are easy to transport and take up less space while traveling.

3. A comfy spot

dog camping checklist comfy spot
I love to have some comfy spots for my dogs to relax, especially after a long hiking day. It is also one of the essential parts of a dog camping checklist. For this, you can use a dog sleeping bag or outdoor dog beds. Try to choose the bag that is thick and comfortable and good for the campsite with rough surfaces. Besides, you can also pick one that is thinner but with a water-repellant underside.

4. Warmth

dog camping checklist

Sometimes we love cold weather as we can bundle up. However, we are not the only ones who get cold. When going camping with your dog, be sure to take precautions to ensure your dog doesn’t get too cold. This is much more vital when the dog is short-haired and gets cold easily.

Considering things like dog sleeping bags, blankets or even a spot in your sleeping bag is a perfect solution. If you are camping in the winter months with your short-haired dogs, don’t forget to add a dog jacket to your dog camping checklist to keep them from shivering.

5. First aid kit

dog camping checklist

Prepare a first aid kit with basic medical supplies. This can handle simple injuries that may happen while you are camping. Also, you can manage your dog’s injury until you can take it to the vet. You can make your own or buy a pre-made canine first aid kit. What your first aid kit should contain are:

  • Gauze
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Gloves
  • Medical Tape
  • Non-stick Pads
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Tweezers

6. Long-lasting treats

dog camping checklistThere are times when you participate in some activities at your campsite and. Of course, your dogs can’t do that. That’s why you should make “boring” times at camp pass by more easily for your pup. Here, I suggest you can consider some kinds of long-lasting treats, like a ham bone or bully sticks. Usually, we give our dogs a yummy treat to keep them occupied while we set up the tent. I believe that they approve of this camping tradition.

7. Tie out/Leash

Most of the places we’ve camped had pretty strict rules regarding loose dogs. These places require dogs to be either be on a 6-foot leash or a tie-out at all times at the campsite. You can bring long cable tie-outs or just let your dogs drag a leash around with them. By doing that, we can grab it if necessary (mainly so we won’t get yelled at by a ranger). This is a really important part that you need to add to your dog camping checklist.

8. Dog tent

dog camping checklist dog tent

Although it is a novel option, you should also add a dog tent to your dog camping checklist. When it’s hot in the middle of the day, your dogs can use it as a shady retreat from the sun. In the evenings, when the temperature starts to drop, the little ones, especially, will use it as a warm place to nap while we still sit around the fire. The dog tent helps block the wind and keep the chill-out.

9. Poop bags

dog camping checklist

Be a responsible dog owner, you need to pick after you dog drops. Help them leave no trace at your campsite.

Besides, you can also add these to your dog camping checklist. These are what we also like to bring on our hiking/camping trips and I hope you may find helpful.

  • Toys and balls for playtime at the campsite
  • Dog backpacks for long hikes
  • Hammocks for mid-day naps

Do you have any questions about my dog camping checklist above? Don’t hesitate to share with us if you have other interesting ideas. Jessica is looking forward to hearing from you so I can do better in my next blogs.

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