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Helpful Daily Schedule For Kids Of 2-4-Year-Old Parents Need To Know

Admit it, parents! Parenting is never an easy task. In that journey, I realize that crafting a daily schedule for kids is one of the most exciting parts. I also know many of you, young moms, are finding it hard to determine a suitable schedule for your children. Follow Jessica and below I’m going to share with you some things to consider if you are working on making your daily toddler schedule.

Why should we create a daily schedule for kids?

As a parent, we need to learn so many skills, from positive parenting setting a daily schedule for kids. Do you know that children often love to predict and to know what is going to come next? That’s why it’s important to have a general rhythm to your days. However, don’t be too hard on this. Never feel like you can’t change things up for special events and activities. Your daily schedule for kids is always fluid and changes when necessary.

daily schedule for kids brush her teeth

Setting up a routine for our kids is super important. This helps increase your child’s confidence and independence. According to Dr. Peter Gorski of Harvard Medical School,  a child’s confidence will develop when the child knows what to expect or predict daily. When your kids can rely on past experiences in a safe environment, they will feel comfortable when performing the same activities. The simplest example is when they put on pajamas on their own.

Besides, a suitable daily schedule for kids also leads your kids to greater self-control. If your little boy has no limits on when they can watch cartoons, they may not know that there are times they need to turn off the TV to do other things. A schedule is a key factor that lets your child understand the balance between enjoyable tasks and functional tasks.

A daily schedule for kids is also an exposure to healthy habits. When your kid routinely practices the same activities such as cleaning teeth, washing hands before meals, and taking a walk after dinner, this seems like just an organized way to get things done on time. And gradually, this repetition will create habits around these healthy activities, and then your child will carry them naturally into later life.

2 – 4 year old schedule

Here, I will provide you guys with the general “flow” of a daily schedule for kids that works well for us.

7:00-7:30        Wake up routine & have breakfast

7:30-8:00        Independent play during breakfast cleanup

8:00-8:15        Get dressed, brush teeth

8:15- 9:00       Interest-led learning activity (in weekly schedule)

9:00 -11:00     Outing

11:00-11:45    Lunchtime

12:00-2:30      Naptime

2:30-3:00        Snack & Book time (in weekly schedule)

3:00-4:00        Outdoor play or park time (in weekly schedule)

4:00-5:00        Independent play after dinner

5:00-6:00       Dinner Time

6:00-6:45     Family playtime & dinner cleanup

6:45- 7:15       Bathtime

7:15-7:30     Books & Prayers

7:30 pm          Bedtime

daily schedule for kids

Weekly schedule

I want to add some activities and outings ahead of time each week so that I will not scrambling to figure out our day in the midst of a toddler tantrum. Consider these following ideas that we usually use. And just feel free to use for inspiration to come up with your weekly schedule that works for your kids.

Interest-led learning activities

Monday: You kids can play Doh or age-appropriate puzzles

Tuesday: Preschool Day

Wednesday: Sorting or color matching

Thursday: Preschool Day

Friday: Painting or Books on Tape

I always want to coordinate these activities with whatever my girl is keen on. Some weeks, we do nothing but play-doh during this time of day as it’s what she’s extremely into. And that’s ok! The best learning is when our child is interested. That’s why there is no point in asking about some activities that our children are not excited about.

Snack and book time

This is very special of our day when my little girl and I share a snack. We usually go for popcorn. What makes me most satisfied is because it’s an opportunity for my girl to listening to stories read aloud while also spending quality time together. One more reason that makes me feel good is that the snack will keep my kid in one place while I read.

Outings in daily schedule for kids

I really love some outdoor activity and I add it to my daily routine for kids. I’ve chosen different places for my child to experience on different days of the week.

Monday: Grocery store

Tuesday: Go to the park or long walk

Wednesday: Library Story

Thursday: Preschool Day

Friday: Park or Preschool day

Do you have a daily schedule for kids? Please feel free to share with me and together we will discuss this. I hope my blog is helpful and from my schedule, you can find proper ways to make your plan of setting a daily routine for your kids. Thanks so much for your attention.

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