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How To Start A Mom Blog That Actually Makes Money?

Do you know that many mom bloggers have been able to turn their blogs into their full-time job, earning an income that many stay-at-home moms are always dreaming of? So, how to start a mom blog and make money? Let’s refer to all the following tips so you can start an amazing mom blog and make money.

How to start a mom blog and make money?

In this blog post, I am going to share with you the most basic steps on how to start a mom blog and make money. Let’s check out what they are.

  • Name your blog
  • Choose a platform
  • Install a theme
  • Create your brand
  • Start posting
  • Promote on social media

how to start a mom blog

Step 1: Name your blog

The very first thing you need to focus on when asking how to start a mom blog is to give it a name. It would be so great if you can come up with a unique, memorable name that will stand out and help you gain followers. You might need to mix and match a selection of words to create a name that hasn’t been taken already.

Once you have made a list of potential names, don’t forget to type them into the domain search bar. This step is super important as it will help you check if the domain is available. In case your desired domain name is still available, don’t hesitate! Make every effort to get it as soon as you can! You can try on the Domain Name Search for quick results.

Step 2: Choose a platform

If you desire to start a successful mom blog, I highly recommend creating a self-hosted WordPress blog. You will need an incredible blog theme where you can have “shop the post” widgets, beautiful large images as well as shopping pages. You can try some free blogging sites. However, for those sites, you will be very restricted in terms of how it looks and what you can do with it. That’s why I suggest that you make sure you start with WordPress from the beginning.

Step 3: Install a theme

One more important step in how to start a mom blog and make money is to install a theme. If moms begin with a WordPress blog, you are really lucky as the best blog themes belong to WordPress ones. There are a lot of attractive blog themes that can make your mom’s blog outstanding. What you need to do is just choosing the most suitable one.

In the process of choosing a blog theme, don’t forget to choose one that has a layout that can make your content look good. Please note that you shouldn’t get caught up in the photos that have been used in the demo theme. Just try to imagine your fashion photos in that theme, your blog posts and also your writing.

Which pages to set up?

To start a mom blog and make money, you will have to set up your pages and menu right after purchasing and installing your new theme. Basically, a mom blog should always have the following pages:

  • About page: It’s hard to build a new website without the “About me” section. Set up your About page to let your followers know about the women behind the blog. It would be a wonderful “About” page when this part covers an attractive story about you – the owner of the blog.
  • Shop page: While the “About” page helps create a mom blog, this shop page will be what helps you earn money through your blog. Add a big product widget to this page and you can make money from your readers who purchase your items on your website.
  • Contact page: Leave your contact information on this page so that readers can contact you easier. Besides, other brands and businesses can contact you about collaborations and PR packages. This is one more good chance to earn money, right?

Step 4: Create your brand

start a mom blog and make money

Creating your very own brand is a very important step in how to start a mom blog. Your brand represents the way your readers recognize you, your style, and your blog. The simplest way to create your brand is to begin with a logo – your blog title in a fancy font. Normally, you will need to place your logo at the top of your new blog theme. Your theme will include instructions on how to do that!

Step 5: Start posting

As you have just created a mom blog, installed your theme, and set up your pages, it’s time to start posting. Try to make many posts as this will help increase your blog’s quality. At that time, it’s more likely to appear in search engines. However, you should create really good content to keep readers stay long in your blog and decide to purchase some items on your shopping page. Usually, mom bloggers tend to post about all sorts of lifestyle topics from family life to cleaning, cooking, entrepreneurship, and life advice.

Step 6: Promote your blog on social media

how to start a mom blog

It will take time for your blog to appear in search engines. So, is there any other way to let others read your blog? To get your new mom blog known in the world of blogging, it’s important that you promote it. One of the most effective ways you can apply to promote your blog posts is through Pinterest. In this social platform, you can make your pins go viral. This is a really vital step on how to start a mom blog.

Besides, there are some other ways you can try to promote your blog on social media. You can refer to the following tips:

  • Mention your blog posts in Instagram captions
  • Link to your blog in your Instagram bio
  • Get involved in Twitter conversations
  • Join mom blogger Facebook Groups
  • Join mom blogger Pinterest Group Boards

Just keep in mind that making yourself known in the mom blogging community is what’s going to be your best path to success. I hope you find my sharing useful. If you have known how to start a mom blog and make money, don’t hesitate to begin. Better things are waiting for you in the future. Let’s come and get it! Also, don’t forget to follow Prickly Mom for the latest news about positive parenting, mom tips, and many other subjects. Thanks for reading!

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