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Teaching English Online For Stay-at-home Moms

If you have a passion for teaching, grammar, language or just a hear for kids, then you should think of teaching English online for stay-at-home moms. It’s cool when we can teach children halfway around the world from our own homes. Let’s get to know more about this job to decide if you really want to try this online job to earn more for a living.

Benefits of teaching English online for stay-at-home moms?

As you might know, being a mom is a full-time job on its own. A lot of moms decide to quit their jobs and stop working to focus on taking care of their families. And among them, many are looking for good ways of making money by working at home. Women often wonder if it is possible or not to still have a career and be a full-time mom. This sounds quite difficult, but believe us, the answer is yes! Check out the benefits of teaching English online for stay-at-home moms!

teaching English online

Time flexibility

The very first advantage that many people can get when teaching English online is time flexibility. Admit it, ladies, having a regular office job does not always bring you the ideal quality time that you want to spend with your family. And it’s the flexible schedule of online English teaching that gives you the livery to choose when you want to conduct a class. Just imagine a life where you can attend to your children’s needs and earn money at the same time. All you need to do is just take advantage of high technology and make money.


Teaching is one of the jobs that require much time and effort. Taking this job, you need to prepare for a lesson plan as well as some activities. And it’s hard to do that if you are a working mom as you won’t have enough time. If you really want to be an online Teacher, I suggest you should find a company that can already provide lesson materials.

teaching English online for stay-at-home moms

Don’t be afraid. Actually, you don’t need any exceptional skills and talents to join this job. A little polishing of your English skills, a laptop, and an Internet connection are all you need to prepare for a wonderful teaching journey.


I believe you hear this many times, make your passion your job, you will ever feel like working. Your work will be easier when you enjoy what you will do. Learning doesn’t have a limit. Working as an online English teacher is also a precious chance for you to learn from your students while you teach them. Because you teach students from different countries, you can learn and appreciate their culture. Also, income is an important factor to consider. All the classes are paid and the amount of money you make depends on how often you teach the students. You are in charge of your income.

What does it take to get started in this business?


teaching English online for stay-at-home mom

You need to be a native English speaker or at least fluent in English. A lot of enterprises also require that you must a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Also, it will be much better when you have at least a year of experience working with students in some capacity (teaching, mentoring, or tutoring).

Tech Wise

A computer with a webcam, a headset with microphone, stable Internet connection are all you need for teaching English online at home.

teaching English online for stay-at-home mom


You don’t need to be the best teacher in the world, but you do have to love kids and genuinely enjoy working with them.

What kind of support to find when you are just getting started?

This depends on the company you go with. However, most will hook you up with a mentor teacher at the beginning to train you in how to apply the teaching platform, how to teach the curriculum, and general tips to engage students in an online learning environment. Most have the professional development you can do to increase your skills. Also, don’t forget YouTube. There are many YouTube Channel of teachers that includes excellent videos on every topic relating to online ESL.

teaching English online at home

What are your obstacles and challenges? How to overcome them?

There are some challenges to deal with in teaching English online for stay-at-home moms. Firstly, the time you need to get used to with the job. That might be the most challenging. My recommendation is that you should go to bed early on nights you teach. Don’t burn out in the beginning by taking on too much time at once. Give yourself time to adjust and I believe you can do well. Also, coffee and naps are effective solutions.

Secondly, it takes time to learn to become a good online ESL teacher. Some essential skills to learn are technology, pedagogy and student engagement. However, you should give yourself time to study as well as watch other teachers to learn from them. This might be a big challenge for you in the beginning but I believe you can do it well.

Finally, you will need a period of time to build your schedule at any company you go with. Maybe you will not start off with 20 -30 hours a week. And you should be closer to the target hours you like within a few weeks.

You guys can consider teaching English online for stay-at-home moms if you love this career and expect that the job will help you earn for a living. Besides, you can refer to many stay-at-home jobs that pay well. I hope you find a suitable job that can help you in your daily life. Finally, thanks for reading!

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